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David Bowie - The Next Day
David Bowie - Blackstar
Pink Floyd- The Endless RIver
Art of Anarchy- Art of Anarchy
Vince Neil- Exposed
The World Will Burn- Severity

Hi, Thanks for checking out this site. Rock Connection is 100% a fan site , mainly one fan's catalog of music and music related media (DVDs, Books, etc) This site started as a project under a different name back around 2005/2006 it has gone through many transformations and slowly but surely new content is being added. Here on this site you will find a mix of reviews, thoughts and even some what I call mindless drivel. My tastes vary you might find some Rock, Blues, Metal, Country, Rap, etc. Some stuff considered Indie some Mainstream. On some of the artist pages you might see an intro. If that artist has an intro then chances are it is a high favorite of mine. Bear with me as I convert pages to the current format. This site was inspired by 2 sites that were similar but devoted mostly to Heavy Metal. It gave me a nice project. Currently I don't have even half my music collection up. I am closing in on the halfway point. About 400 will mark about the halfway mark.

The last bit of 2015 to the first few months of 2016 have not been kind for me music wise. First back in December Scott Weiland passed away, one of my favorite vocalists and frontmen. He had a talent for harmonies and vocals. You the reader should see alot of his work among the pages on my site. Another being music icon David Bowie who passed away just 2 days after the release of Blackstar losing his battle with Cancer. David Bowie was and remains a big inspiration, his music shows that one can always reinvent themselves and that one can be musically diverse. He inspires me creatively still even though he is no longer with us his legacy lives on in his music...