Track Listing:
1) All That She Wants 2) Don't Turn Around 3) Young And Proud 4) The Sign 5) Living In Danger 6) Dancer In A Daydream 7) Wheel Of Fortune 8) Waiting For Magic 9) Happy Nation 10) Voulez-Vous Danser [New Version] 11) My Mind [Mindless Mix] 12) All That She Wants [Banghra Version]
Ace of Base

Album Name:
The Sign
Website: NA Line-up: Jonas Berggren, Ulf Ekberg, Jenny Berggren, Linn Berggren
Year: 1993 Label: Artista Rating: 5/10
They were big in the early 90s I remember a buddy of mine would crank the singles of this album when they would come on the radio. Now I rarely if ever spin this disk but they did have some good dance like hits, Favorites include All that She Wants, The Sign, Don't Turn Around and Living In Danger