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10 Album Favorites (2000-2010)
In No Paticular Order
1) Scott Weiland- Happy in Golashes
2) Ace Frehley- Anomaly
3) Megadeth- System Has Failed
4) Jupiter VI- Back From Mars
5) Velvet Revolver- Contraband
6) Foo Fighters- In Your Honor
7) Metric- Fantasies
8) Sombrance- Eli
9) The Violet Burning- Drop Dead
10) The Gravity Show- Fabulous Like You
Posted in February 2010 Update
15 Favorite Rock Songs (1960-1980)
In No Paticular Order
1) The Beatles- Across The Universe
2) The Rolling Stones- Under My Thumb
3) The Rolling Stones- Paint It Black
4) Pink Floyd- Brain Damage
5) The Doors- Not To Touch The Earth
6) The Doors- Love Street
7) Ace Frehley- Ozone
8) The Beatles- Strawberry Fields Forever
9) The Beach Boys- Sloop John B.
10) The Mamas & The Papas- California Dreamin
11) David Bowie- Always Crashin In The Same Car
12) David Bowie- Starman
13) The Beatles- Here Comes The Sun
14) Led Zepplin- Stairway to Heaven
15) Black Sabbath- Planet Caravan
Posted on April 2010 Update
10 Favorite Covers
In No Paticular Order
1) Deliverance - Sanctuary (Daniel Amos)
2) Deliverance- Surrender (Stryper)
3) Foo Fighters- Band On The Run (Paul McCartney & Wings)
4) Foo Fighters- Down In The Park (Gary Numan)
5) Velvet Revolver- Can't Get It Out Of My Head (ELO)
6) Velvet Revolver- Psycho Killers (Talking Heads)
7) Guns N Roses- Black Leather (Sex Pistols)
8) Guns N Roses- Since I Don't Have You (Skyliners)
9) Nirvana- Man Who Sold The World (David Bowie)
10) The Violet Burning- Elenaor Rigby (The Beatles)
Posted on May 2010 Update
15 Favorite David Bowie Songs
In No Paticular Order
1) Always Crashing In The Same Car - From the Album "Low"
2) Word On A Wing- From the Album "Station to Station"
3) Starman- From The Album "The Rise & Fall of Ziggy Stardust..."
4) Life On Mars?- From the Album "Hunky Dory"
5) Suffragette City- From The Album "The Rise & Fall of Ziggy Stardust..."
6) Little Wonder- From The Album "Earthling"
7) Thursday's Child- From the Album "Hours"
8) What's Really Happening- From the Album "Hours"
9) Moonage Daydream- From the Album "The Rise & Fall of Ziggy Stardust..."
10) The Man Who Sold The World- From The Album "The Man Who Sold The World"
11) Heros- From the Album "Heros"
12) Panic in Detriot- From the album "Alladin Sane"
13) Sweet Thing- From the Album "Diamond Dogs"
14) Fame- From The Album "Young Americans"
15) Space Oddity- From the Album "Space Oddity"
Originally posted on June 2010 Update

Top 20 Favorite Foo Fighters Songs
(In No Paticular Order)
1) Everlong (The Colour & The Shape)
2) Aurora (There Is Nothing Else To Lose)
3) I'll Stick Around (Foo Fighters)
4) Alone & Easy Target (Foo Fighters)
5) Exhausted (Foo Fighters)
6) Disenchanted Lullaby (One By One)
7) Wind Up (The Colour & The Shape)
8) New Way Home (The Colour & The Shape)
9) Resolve (In Your Honor Disk 1)
10) Friend of a Friend (In Your Honor Disk 2)
11) What If I Do? (In Your Honor Disk 2)
12) The Pretender (Echos,Silence,Patience and Grace)
13) Wheels (Greatest Hits)
14) Times Like These (One By One)
15) Low (One By One)
16) Down In The Park (cover found on X-Files Key of X)
17) One By One (One By One)
18) End over End (In Your Honor Disk 1)
19) Summer's End (Echos, Silence, Patience and Grace)
20) Band On The Run (Paul McCartney Cover B-side on Cheer Up Boys Your Makeup is Running)

Originally Posted on August 2010 Update

Favorite 25 Stone Temple Pilots Songs
1) Crackerman (Core)
2) Dead and Bloated (Core)
3) Sex Type Thing (Core)
4) Pretty Penny (Purple)
5) Silvergun Superman (Purple)
6) Kitchenware & Candybars (Purple)
7) Adhesive (Tiny Music...)
8) Trippin on a Hole In a Paper Heart (Tiny Music...)
9) Big Bang Baby (Tiny Music...)
10) Pop's Love Suicide (Tiny Music...)
11) Art School Girl (Tiny Music...)
12) Lady Picture Show (Tiny Music...)
13) Heaven and Hotrods (No. 4)
14) Sour Girl (No. 4)
15) I've Got You (No. 4)
16) Atlanta (No. 4)
17) Hollywood Bitch (Shangri La Dee Dah)
18) Black Again (Shangri La Dee Dah)
19) Hello It's Late (Shangri La Dee Dah)
20) Too Cool Queenie (Shangri La Dee Dah)
21) Long Way Home (Shangri La Dee Dah)
22) Bi-Polar Bear (Shangri La Dee Dah)
23) Cinnamon (Stone Temple Pilots)
24) First Kiss On Mars (Stone Temple Pilots)
25) Between The Lines (Stone Temple Pilots)
Originally Uploaded in January 2011 Update
15 Favorite Songs Since My Divorce
(In No Paticular Order)
1) Glorious - Natalie Imbruglia
2) Uprising - Muse
3) Poker Face - Lady GaGa
4) Someone Must Get Hurt - She Wants Revenge
5) First Kiss On Mars - Stone Temple Pilots
6) Dumb Luck - Redline Chemistry
7) Front Row - Metric
8) Dear Rosemary - Foo Fighters
9) Rope - Foo Fighters
10) I Should Have Known - Foo Fighters
11) Wasted Years - Iron Madien
12) Never Walk Alone - Megadeth
13) LA Woman - The Doors
14) Panic In Detriot - David Bowie
15) Poison - Alice Cooper
Originally Posted in May 2011
Top 20 Tom Petty Songs
In No Paticular Order
1) Free Fallin (Full Moon Fever)
2) Southern Accents (Southern Accents)
3) The Last DJ (The Last DJ)
4) It's Good To Be King (Wildflowers)
5) Last Dance With Mary Jane (Greatest Hits)
6) I Should Have Known It (Mojo)
7) You Don't Know How It Feels (Wildflowers)
8) Honey Bee (Wildflowers)
9) Into The Great Wide Open (Into The Great Wide Open)
10) Runnin Down A Dream (Full Moon Fever)
11) I Won't Back Down (Full Moon Fever)
12) You Got Lucky (Long After Dark)
13) Don't Come Around Here No More (Southern Accents)
14) The Waiting (Hard Promises)
15) Refugee (Damn The Torpedos)
16) Here Comes My Girl (Damn The Torpedos)
17) Depot Street (Playback box set)
18) Breakdown (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)
19) It's Only A Broken Heart (Wildflowers)
20) Room At The Top (Echo)
Originally Posted June 2011