Book Name:
W.A.R The Unofficial Biography of W. Axl Rose
Mick Wall
Related Artists/Bands:
Guns N Roses
Release: 2008 Own: Yes Website: Official Website
Thoughts/Comments/Review: The Unofficial biography of one W. Axl Rose, the reclusive frontman of what was at one point in time the biggest Rock band in the world. Given the history between Mick and Axl for those fans just listen to "Get In The Ring" I thought the book was somewhat informative. To Be honest I would probably have to re-read it to give a more in depth review. As I might be confusing it with another book on Guns N Roses I read that I remember seemed to focus on Axl. You know what they say every story has two sides. I do know if Axl were to ever release an autobiography or authorize a biography I would be very anxious to read it. Though I wonder how much would be acurate. Anyways I am deviating. If you are a nut for all things Guns N Roses you will want to read this book.