Track Listing:
1) Out of the Darkness (3:43) 2) Let My People Go (4:09) 3) America (4:04) 4) It's Alright (3:44) 5) Top Of the Mountain (6:30) 6) Hey! You (4:04) 7) Mad Do World (4:24) 8) Changing Me (6:38) 9) New Age Illusion (3:18)

Album Name:
Out Of The Darkness
Website:Official Site Line-up: Michael Bloodgood (Bass), Les Carlsen (Vocals), Paul Jackson (Guitars), Terry B Shelton (Accoustic Guitar), Kevin Whistler (Drums)
Year: 1989 Label: Intense Records Rating: 8.5/10
A Very good Album NO Doubt I was not much of a fan of this band until I popped this CD in and WOW It's IMO their best. Favorites include It's Alright, America