Track Listing:
1) This Cat's On A Hot Tin Roof (2:19)
2) The Dirty Boogie (3:13)
3) This Old House (3:06)
4) Let's Live It Up (3:41)
5) Sleepwalk (Instrumental) (3:49)
6) Jump Jive An' Wail (2:52)
7) You're The Boss (3:43)
8) Rock This Town (6:36)
9) Since I Don't Have You (4:09)
10) Switchblade 327 (3:30)
11) Nosey Joe (2:53)
12) Hollywood Nocturne (5:35)
13) As Long As I'm Singin' (4:03)
Brian Setzer Orchestra

Album Name:
The Dirty Boogie
Website:Official Site Line-up: Brian Setzer (vocals, guitar), Ernie Nunez (Bass), Tony Garnier (Bass) Bernie Dresel (Drums, Percussion) Don Roberts (Saxophone), Ray Herrmann (Saxophone), Rick Rossi (Saxophone), Steve Marsh (Saxophone), Tim Misica (Saxophone) George McMulen (Trombone), Mark Jones (Trombone), Michael Vlatkovich (Trombone), Robbie Hioki (Trombone) Dan Fornero (Trumpet), Dennis Farias (Trumpet), John Fumo (Trumpet), Kevin Norton (Trumpet)
Year: 1998 Label: Interscope Rating: 10/10
There were a few interesting things I've read concerning this album, the first is that 7 of the 13 tracks are all covers that were popular between 1952-1962 Brian Setzer breathed new life into these songs, in the form of "Modern Swing" which I have become a fan of, this album whetted my taste for that musical style, a very strong album no fillers its a very uptempo album, One interesting thing I had read was about the song You're The Boss Originally a duet with Elvis Presley and Ann-Margaret this time Mr Setzer brought in Gwen Stefani Another favorite is Sleepwalk an instrumental, which was used the original was used in the movie "La Bamba" I at one time had the poster of this album cover because to me it is so Big Band influence from that 1930s-1950s period. This album In my Opinion was pure brilliance