Band/Artist: Carman Album Name: The Champion
CDR: Yes (Bought from Itunes) Year: 1985 Label: Word
Line-up: Carman Rating: 6/10 Website: Official Website
Review/Comments/Thoughts: I have seen Carman twice Live, one time I believe in the late 80s and again in 1992, This has been one of my favorite albums by him, and During the Pepsi/Itunes Promotion I had enough free songs to get the entire album so I did from Itunes. I do plan to get the original CD if I see it for a good price. Favorites on this album include Prepare to Die, A Little Bit More Conviction, Abundance of Rain, Destination is There, Revive us O Lord, The Champion

Band/Artist: Carman Album Name: Revival in the Land
Year: 1989 Label: Benson
Line-up: Carman Rating: 4/10 Website: Official Website
Review/Comments/Thoughts: This CD was ok, Not a real big fan of Carman but I do like some of his albums and songs so I don't dislike his music but overall not a big fan if that makes sense. Favorites include: God's Got an Army, A Witch's Invitation, Revival in the Land