Band/Artist: Various Artists Album Name: Temporary Insanity: A Salute to Deliverance
Disk 1
Track Listing: 1) Deliverance - Flesh and Blood (25th Anniversery Recording) 2) Deliverance- In U (25th Anniversery Recording) 3) Oil- Attack 4) Applehead/Fasedown- Belltown 5) Lambs Against Wolves- Greetings of Death 6) Stricken- No Time 7) FastUltified- What a Joke 8) Grave Robber- Awake 9) Ghosttemple- If We Faint Not 10) Faith Factor- Weapons of Our Warfare 11) Whisper From Heaven- Anymore 12) Venia- Desperate Cries 13) Days of Affiction- River Disturbance 14) Grave Forsaken- Bought By Blood 15) Eternal Decision- Belltown
Disk 2
Track Listing: 1) Deliverance- Hunger & The Thirst (Previously Unreleased) 2) Oil- Screaming 3) The Sacrificed- Slay The Wicked 4) Coriolis- What a Joke 5) Krig- Weapons of Our Warfare 6) Leper- The Call 7) Unforsaken- Stay of Execution 8) Crucible Divine- Ramming Speed 9) Walk on Water- Learn 10) Visions of Reality- Blood of the Covenant 11) Saint Spirit- Prophets of Idiocy 12) Bloodpaid- Words To The... 13) Bi-Polar Echo- The Call 14) Incarnate- Victory 15) Pastor Brad- A Space Called You
Year: 2010 Label: Roxx Records
Line-up: NA Rating: 8/10 Website: NA
I had the pleasure of getting one of the pre-orders (95 of 100), the preorder included a 2nd disk and a signed insert by the band and limited edition guitar picks. One thing I have to say is the bands that contributed to this tribute are all along the spectrum of Heavy Metal. So many flavors. From the first disk the re-recorded version of In U was awesome, Loved it when it first appeared on Camelot. It's a great song. Another track that impressed me was Applehead/Fasedown Belltown I felt it was close to the original and it was great sounding overall, one of my favs from this tribute. Faith Factor's version of Weapons of Our Warfare was pleasently surprising to me, I dont know why maybe I love that song and the original that any cover of it would fail in comparison, but I feel that they did the song justice. Whisper From Heaven's version of Anymore I Have to say is one of my top 3 favorites one of them being the aforementioned Belltown I'd like to check out more stuff by Whisper From Heaven, Venia's Desperate Cries held no disappointment, When I got this tribute it was contribution by Venia that I looked forward to the most, other than Deliverance this was the only band on this tribute I was familiar with, Venia fills the other spot for my favorite top 3 tracks on the first disk. Dont get me wrong there were other tracks on the first disk I liked such as Days of Affliction's version of River Disturbance, FaseUltified doing What a Joke, and Stricken's No Time. Disk 2 starts off with Deliverance's version of Hunger and the Thirst This was a previously unreleased track, meaning it had not appeared on any Deliverance releases originally, However in 2002 this song was released on which at the time was the official website of Deliverance as a Christmas gift it was only available for 24 hours, This was originally recorded if memory serves during the Assimilation sessions. Another favorite from this disk for me was Coriolis What a Joke They took the song and gave it a differant spin on it. Kind of reminded me of Mechanical Animals' Marilyn Manson and I say that as a compliment and praise. Other favorites on this disk include Crucible Divine's version of Ramming Speed, Walk on Water Learn, and Bloodpaid's version of Words To The..., Bi-Polar Echo doing The Call was great, the beginning was reminiscant of the Intense Live series "Take 14" It made me laugh. The 2nd disk closes out with Pastor Brad doing A Space Called You this being one of my alltime favorite Deliverance songs I gave it several spins I overall liked it but It did fall short of what I was expecting. To be honest I am not exactly sure what to expect, Lyrically I felt Pastor Brad hit it perfectly, I just felt that musically the song or this version was too "solo-y" All in all this was a great tribute, For me hearing these bands and artists giving tribute to Deliverance I feel had opened my eyes to new bands to check out further. While some of the styles might not have been to my liking one thing ALL these tracks had in common, and that was Love and Respect for Deliverance it showed in each and single track.