Band/Artist: Duff McKagan Album Name: Believe In Me
Track Listing: 1) Believe in Me (featuring Slash) (3:23) 2) I Love You (4:14) 3) Man in the Meadow (4:50) 4) (Fu**ed up) Beyond Belief (featuring Jeff Beck)(3:29) 5) Could It Be You (featuring Dizzy Reed) (3:04) 6) Just Not There (featuring Slash) (3:34) 7) Punk Rock Song (1:37) 8) The Majority (featuring Lenny Kravitz) (3:10) 9) 10 Years (featuring Gilby Clarke) (4:29) 10) Swamp Song (featuring Jeff Beck) (3:04) 11) Trouble (featuring Sebastian Bach) (3:12) 12) F**k You (3:24) 13) Lonely Tonite (3:03) Year: 1993 Label: Geffen
Duff McKagan (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, bass, synthesizer, piano, drums, backing vocals) ,Joie Mastrokalos (lead guitar), Richard Duguay (bass), Aaron Brooks (drums), Teddy Andreadis (organ, clavinet)
Guest Personnel: Slash (lead guitar on "Believe in Me" and "Just Not There"), Jeff Beck (lead guitar on "(Fu**ed up) Beyond Belief" and "Swamp Song"), Dizzy Reed (piano, Farfisa organ, backing vocals on "Could It Be You"), Lenny Kravitz (vocals on "The Majority"), Gilby Clarke (guitar and backing vocals on "10 Years"), Sebastian Bach (vocals on "Trouble"), Dave "The Snake" Sabo (guitar on "Trouble" and "Lonely Tonite"), Matt Sorum (drums on "(Fu**ed up) Beyond Belief"), West Arkeen (guitar on "Man in the Meadow", "Swamp Song" and "F**k You"), Rob Affuso (drums on "F**k You"), Bobbie Brown-Lane (backing vocals on "Believe In Me"), London McDaniel (bridge vocals on "Man in the Meadow", percussion on "The Majority"), Doc Newmann (rap vocals on "F**k You")
Rating: 10/10 Website: NA
This album came out around the same time as Gun's N Roses'The Spaghetti Incident did In my opinion it's almost a Duff & Friends type album some big names on this album including former GNR bandmates all except for Axl. Also Lenny Kravitz and Sebastian Bach appear on this album, It was this album that really opened my eyes to Duff's talent and ability. It also showcased his vox which in my opinion he can sing. I always thought he was an underrated member of Guns