Soundtrack: End of Days
Year: 1999 Label: Geffen
Rating: 6/10
This soundtrack was a big deal at the time of it's release because it was the supposed to be the Re-Emergence of Guns N Roses, who does appear on this soundtrack with a new song the first original since the early 90s in which I refer to the Use Your Illusion albums, The song Oh My God is a good song to me it was worth buying the soundtrack. However there are other great artists and songs on this collection. Eminem also appears on this album. The song is also a favorite on this Soundtrack. The Soundtrack also features, Korn, Everlast, Rob Zombie, Creed, Sonic Youth, Limp Biscuit, and Powerman 5000. Personally I bought it for the GNR and Eminem track and the Sonic Youth for me was a bonus.