Band/Artist: Evanescense Album Name: Fallen
Track Listing: 1) Going Under (3:35) 2) Bring Me to Life (3:58) 3) Everybody's Fool (3:16) 4) My Immortal (4:24) 5) Haunted (3:06) 6) Tourniquet (4:38) 7) Imaginary (4:17) 8) Taking Over Me (3:50) 9) Hello (3:40) 10) My Last Breath (4:08) 11) Whisper (5:27) Year: 2003 Label: Wind-Up Entertainment
Line-up: Ben Moody (Guitars), Francesco DiCosmo* (Bass), Josh Freese* (Drums), Amy Lee (Vocals)
(* indicates not perm. member)
Rating: 6/10 Website: Official Website
Alot of Controversy has surronded this band with this album's release due to an interview given in Entertainment Weekly where they renounced they were a Christian Band, where in the past they had said they were. Wether this was to sell albums or not is in my opinion lame and sad. However My thoughts and assessment of this album are not based on the band's image. Overall this band reminded me of the group Garbage specifically their 2nd album Version 2.0 It had that Dark Rock feel to it. Favorite songs include Bring me to Life, My Immortal, Tourniquet, Haunted I wonder how their next album will sound without Guitarist Ben Moody? Time will tell. Overall this album was alright found more than 2 songs I like so I give it a 6 out of a possible 10