Band/Artist: Fearful Symmetry Album Name: This Sad Veil of Tears
Year: 2002 Label: Serpent Media/Retroactive Records
Line-up: Jimmy P. Brown II (Vocals, Guitar ,Programming) Manny Morales (Bass), Rick Mester (Guitar) Rating: 10/10 Website: Official Website
After Deliverance First broke up Jimmy had been working on some new songs with a very new sound he called the project/band Fearful Symmetry. This album was originally to be released under the name Deliverance but due to the sound and the reaction of the fans I think he decided to go ahead with Fearful Symmetry I had the pleasure of winning a Promotional copy of this album, In my review I had called this a Masterpiece and i still stick to that review. I think this album shows just how artistic Jimmy Brown is as an artist. Alot of fans will still compare this and his old band. But FS is a seperate entity and it's here to stay and I look forward to future releases.

I have been a Deliverance fan since the middle of 1991. The first album I bought was Weapons of Our Warfare. Since that release I have followed the band with every album release to the current one. This had to be said for the purpose of knowing that I am very familiar with all of their work. Stay of Execution was the first album showing where the band had begun to change their sound from the speed metal that they were famous for to something more progressive. Assimilation was another turning point for the band going from progressive metal to a more electronic-industrial type of sound. This Sad Veil of Tears is their latest offering [admin note: TSVoT is not yet available to the general public]. After listening to this album several times I feel I can make an honest review. Overall this album is a masterpiece. The songs were fantastic. It was very well mixed and very well written lyrically. The opening song "White" was very appropriate to this reviewer. It seemed to be a good strong introduction to what the rest of the album would be like [and] one of the many songs that stood out to me. "Lead Us" was another song that really grabbed my attention. To me it was very Bowie influenced (not necessarily in how the song was written but the way Jimmy sang it.) I really liked this song. "Reinvent the World" also grabbed my interest because this is a very deep song. While I admit that I do not fully understand the meanings of all the songs [on the album] with this song I feel like I do. I could list all the songs I like on this album and I do like them all for one reason or another but one of the main things about it is that you can feel the emotions and the energy that went into this album's creation. The album itself was put together very well. It seemed to possess all the right elements at the right time, something I've noticed Jimmy has a gift for. It seemed to comprise of heavy riffs and industrial type sounds and there was a perfect balance of both. Personally I am not a fan of industrial music and while it is very industrial sounding it is also the album that would get me to explore that style of music. [Regarding] the lyrics on the album - I know from Jimmy saying himself that he was studying the Kabala and while I know virtually nothing about it I cannot even say if I see that influence or not. But Jimmy in the past has made a habit of being very real in his writing. I can only assume that to Jimmy the lyrics are the filling of the album. While the sound is also important it is the content of those sounds, the lyrics, that makes the songs and albums what they are. Jimmy has emphasized the lyrics. While I have read them cover to cover many times I personally have an idea [and] I believe that it is something that each listener must determine what it means to them. What this album has meant to me is encouragement. In many of the songs I am given the impression that Jimmy is singing bout being made anew (Reinvent the World, Sighs). As I had mentioned earlier "Reinvent the World" was among the songs that stood out to me. From a lot of the other songs I gathered that it could be interpreted as a journey of self discovery whether it is in ourselves or in our spiritual walk. The chorus really spoke to me: "Lift me towards the rivers edge, then immerse me once again, reinvent the world and leave me dead again." In the chorus I got the impression that Jimmy was talking about being renewed. I also keep on thinking about water baptism and spiritual baptism. In water baptism when you are baptized it is believed that it is a death of self and being made anew. With water baptism you are publicly declaring that you have chosen to follow the Son. Spiritual baptism is the same but you are empowered with God's helper, His Holy Spirit. This is just one of many examples of excellent writing on this album. I definitely feel challenged when I listen to the lyrics. I recall reading a letter from Jimmy's pastor that was supposed to be inserted in the Assimilation CD. In the letter Pastor Ahyh had used the reference "This Sad Veil of Tears." In reading this letter I interpreted it as a description of the world's spiritual condition. Whereas some of us close ourselves to Yahweh or deny him, or worship false gods. This is what I thought the album title to mean. Jimmy has the ability to write about real things in a spiritual way and then sing it [so that it] stirs emotions without sounding bubblegum pop-ish. It is very evident that this is something Jimmy is very gifted in. This always has been one of the biggest draws for me to Deliverance. I personally would highly recommend This Sad Veil of Tears to anybody. This album is a masterpiece. Jimmy has been quoted in saying that this album is "One I always wanted to make." He has mentioned on a few occasions that this album would be good. He was so very right. It is one album I can play over and over again and never tire of. If you do not give this album an honest listen then you are missing out. Really listen to it and let it sink into you. Let it stir in your spirit. In my opinion this is one of my all time favorite Jimmy Brown albums.

Band/Artist: Fearful Symmetry Album Name: A Loss of Balance
Year: 2004 Label: Serpent Media/ PsychoAccoustiX Records
Line-up: Jimmy P. Brown II Rating: 9.5/10 Website: Official Website
My Copy of this album is the second releasing, which means it was released by PsychoAcoustiX which includes 2 bonus tracks. All in all this album was good. In differant ways it surpassed "This Sad Veil of Tears" and in other ways it did not. One thing Jimmy shows us in this album is that music is like a buffet. So many styles and ways to make music, so much to choose from. In fact you could probobly describe Jimmy's entire Musical legacy this way. Its the mark of a true artist. The most noteable songs on this album are the Psychodelic Furs' Love my Way Which was simply AWESOME, Jimmy did not attempt to mimic the original he took this classic and he made it his own. The other noteable song is the Deliverance remake of Belltown It was alright though sadly not one of the highlights of this album for me. The music itself was very soothing and relaxing. A fusion of Electronica and Ambient makes this album a truely Artistic work. The other bonus track a heartfelt piece called "No-One" to me just shows why exactly I think So very highly of Jimmy's music and artistic talent. Its this quality in writing heartfelt music that has shone through his entire musical legacy that has me maybe as one of his most hardcore fans. Favorite songs included Love my Way, I Won't Let You, Don't Be Afraid, Tikkun, No One