Intro: The Foo Fighters is one of my all time favorite bands, From the ashes of Nirvana , Drummer Dave Grohl put together a band and has been showing the world that Kurt Cobain was not the only talent in Nirvana, but Dave is talented and an accomplished song writer in his own right. The Nicest Guy in Rock almost 20 years later is still rocking it strong with the same guys and lineup. The Foos are here to stay
Track Listing:
1) This Is a Call (3:53)
2) I'll Stick Around (3:52)
3) Big Me (2:12)
4) Alone + Easy Target (4:05)
5) Good Grief (4:01)
6) Floaty (4:30)
7) Weenie Beenie (2:45)
8) Oh, George (3:00)
9) For All the Cows (3:30)
10) X-Static (4:13)
11) Wattershed (2:15)
12) Exhausted (5:45)
Band/Artist: Foo Fighters
Album Name: Foo Fighters
Website: Official Website Line-up: Dave Grohl (All Instruments), Greg Dulli (guitar on "X-Static")
Year: 1995 Label: Roswell Rating: 11/10
When I first heard This is a Call I thought that it had a good harmonic sound though at the time I did not know who the Foo Fighters were or that Dave Grohl was a part of it. One night about 3am I had MTV on and saw the video for I'll Stick Around It wasn't until then I knew who they were. Prior I had been a huge fan of Dave Grohl from his Nirvana days, as I had loved his drumming style and liked his one song he wrote for Nirvana Marigold which was the B-side of Heart Shaped Box Grohl did not assemble an actual band till after he made this album intended originally as a solo effort. This was a VERY strong debut album in my opinion I was instantly hooked when I heard this. Even as the years tick by this album remains to date one of my all time favorite Foo Fighters releases, there is not a weak song on this album. Dave Grohl had released a solo album prior to this but small pressings it was called Pocketwatch and some of the songs from it made it over to this album as B-sides such as Winnebago was a b-side on the Big Me single. Of all the songs on Pocketwatch only "Friend of a Friend" made it as a Foo Fighters song, and that would not appear until In Your Honour. Dave Grohl made a bold choice in pursuing the Foo Fighters, as he had an opportunity to be a permanent Heartbreaker. If you get the chance look up on youtube Honeybee SNL Dave Grohl played the drums and it was a Rockin live version. He passed at the offer and the rest is history.
Track Listing:
1) Doll (1:23)
2) Monkey Wrench (3:51)
3) Hey, Johnny Park! (4:08)
4) My Poor Brain (3:33)
5) Wind Up (2:32)
6) Up in Arms (2:15)
7) My Hero (4:20)
8) See You (2:26)
9) Enough Space (2:37)
10) February Stars (4:49)
11) Everlong (4:10)
12) Walking After You (5:03
) 13) New Way Home (5:40)
Foo Fighters

Album Name: The Colour & The Shape
Website: Official Website Line-up: Dave Grohl (Vocals, Guitar, Drums) , Pat Smear (Guitar), Nate Mendel (Bass)
Year: 1997 Label: Roswell Rating: 10/10
The Follow up to the debut I knew was going to be different as this is the actual first album with the Foo Fighters as an actual band and not a Dave Grohl solo album. The making of this album was brutal, as it saw the outs of drummer William Goldsmith (Sunny Day Real Estate fame), Nate Mendel also almost left the band to pursue a reunion with his old band (also Sunny Day Real Estate), however Nate had a change of heart and remained with the Foos. This album also saw the eventual departure of guitarist Pat Smear who was suffering from burnout and wanted to pursue other projects. Time would tell that he would return to the fold as a touring musician and later a fully reinstated member. Though he did not play on this album Drummer Taylor Hawkins joined near the album's release. This album is a very strong album much on the same caliber as the self titled album. The first album with what I would call the "Trademark Foo Fighters Sound", I would say every song is great. Everlong probably their strongest and most successful single from this album would open alot of opportunities for the Foos. A Personal favorite.
Track Listing:
1) Stacked Actors (4:17)
2) Breakout (3:21)
3) Learn to Fly (3:58)
4) Gimme Stitches (3:42)
5) Generator (3:48)
6) Aurora (5:50)
7) Live-In Skin (3:53)
8) Next Year (4:37)
9) Headwires (4:38)
10) Ain't It the Life (4:17)
11) M.I.A. (4:03)
Band/Artist:Foo Fighters
Album Name: There Is Nothing Left to Lose
Website: Official Website Line-up: Dave Grohl (Vocals, Guitar, Drums), Nate Mendel (Bass), Taylor Hawkins (Drums)
Year: 1999 Label: Roswell Rating: 8/10
This album had to grow on me a little bit. It was not the instant hit with me as the first two were. Made in Dave Grohl's basement, with Pat Smear gone, Dave had recruited his friend and former Scream bandmate Franz Stahl. While his time in the band was short lived due to maybe creative differences or maybe the lack of the band "gel-ing" hard to say, but Franz is not on this album. This is to date the only Foo Fighter's album done as a 3 piece. It was successful but for me It had to grow on me. At first it was like the first half of the album was "meh" while the second half was fantastic. As time went on I have come to love this album as a whole. One of my favorite Foo Fighters' songs comes from this album. Aurora while this album had Breakout used in a Jim Carrey movie.(Me & Ilene), Aurora,Next Year andAin't It The Life remain my favorites from this release.
Track Listing:
1) All My Life (4:24)
2) Low (4:28)
3) Have It All (4:58)
4) Times Like These (4:26)
5) Disenchanted Lullaby (4:33)
6) Tired of You (5:12)
7) Halo (5:06)
8) Lonely As You (4:37)
9) Overdrive (4:30)
10) Burn Away (4:59)
11) Come Back (7:58)
Band/Artist: Foo Fighters
Album Name: One by One
Website: Official Website Line-up: Dave Grohl (Vocals, Guitar), Chris Schiflet (Guitar), Nate Mendel (Bass), Taylor Hawkins (Drums), Brian May (Guitar on "Tired Of You")
Year: 2002 Label: RCA / Roswell Rating: 9/10
The fourth album by the Foo Fighters was an almost that almost wasn't. The album has new guitarist Chris Schiflet who, it turns out had met Dave when they were kids (both had gone to the same show cannot remember who they saw). This album was at one point shelved. It was not coming together, and the cracks began to form especially between Taylor Hawkins and Dave. Taylor resented that Dave took time off to play drums for Queens of the Stoned Age and alot of issues came to light in the wake of Taylor's near death experience with drugs. In what was going to be their last performance, it turned out they played great and it was decided to not break the band up and they began work again on this album and the end result is this release. I think it's a good album songs such as Low, All My Life, Times Like These, Disenchanted Lullaby, and Tired of You are all strong songs which constitutes about half the album. Though I do admit I have not listened to this album in awhile when it first came out it came with a bonus DVD which you better believe is the one I got.
Track Listing:
Disk 1:
1) In Your Honor (3:50)
2) No Way Back (3:17)
3) Best of You (4:16)
4) DOA (4:12)
5) Hell (1:57)
6) The Last Song (3:19)
7) Free Me (4:39)
8) Resolve 4:49)
9) The Deepest Blues Are Black (3:58)
10) End Over End (5:56)
Disk 2:
1) Still (5:15)
2) What If I Do? (5:02)
3) Miracle (3:29)
4) Another Round (4:25)
5) Friend of a Friend (3:13)
6) Over and Out (5:16)
7) On the Mend (4:31)
8) Virginia Moon (3:49)
9) Cold Day in the Sun (3:20)
10) Razor (4:53)
Band/Artist: Foo Fighters
Album Name: In Your Honour
Website: Official Website Line-up: Dave Grohl (Vocals, Guitar), Chris Schiflet (Guitar), Nate Mendel (Bass), Taylor Hawkins (Drums, Vocals "Cold Day In The Sun")
Year: 2005 Label: RCA / Roswell Rating: 9/10
In Your Honor marks the 10th Anniversery of the Foo Fighters, So Dave Grohl announced that this album would be a double disc album. Which was like extra frosting on a delicious cake. 2 Discs of Foo Fighters, and they delivered too. One disc is some of their hardest songs they've done at least this is what they say I would have to sort of disagree with that personally as I felt that some of their hardest songs were on the S/T Album however since that album and up to this point I would say that this has been one of their heaviest albums up to this point. The Second Disc is an accoustic disc. All new songs. In listening to both Discs which as of the 7/1/05 update it's remained heavy in my rotation it's one of their best. The Accoustic Disc has Norah Jones on the song Virgina Moon and John Paul Jones of Led Zepplin on Piano and Mandolin on 2 of the Accoustic Foo Fighter Tunes. Cold Day in the Sun featured Taylor Hawkins (The Drummer) on Lead Vocals while Dave Grohl got behind the Drums for this song. I think he (Taylor Hawkins) did a good job on Vox. Friend of a Friend has to be my #1 favorite song. Back in 1995 I acquired a CD That had some live stuff and some demos including demos of "Winnebago" "Friend of a Friend" was on this CD and I was hooked on this song instantly. So hearing it on the new album I was just floored. It was like revisiting an old friend. Favorites include In Your Honor, Best of You, DOA, The Last Song, Free Me, Resolve, Deepest Blues are Black, End in End, What if I Do?, Miracle, Another Round, Friend of a Friend, On The Mend, Virgina Moon, Cold Day In the Sun
Track Listing:
1) Best of You (live at The Quart Festival, Kristiansand, Norway, July 7, 2005) (4:41)
2) DOA (demo, appears on the "Resolve" single) (4:11)
3) Skin and Bones (appears on the "DOA" single) (3:37)
4) World (demo, appears on the "Resolve" single) (5:40)
5) I Feel Free (appears on the "DOA" single, originally performed by Cream) (2:56)
6) FFL [Fat F**king Lie] (appears on the "Best of You" single) (2:29)
Band/Artist: Foo Fighters
Album Name: Five Songs & A Cover
Website: Official Website Line-up: Dave Grohl (Vocals, Guitar), Chris Schiflet (Guitar), Nate Mendel (Bass), Taylor Hawkins (Drums)
Year: 2005 Label: RCA / Roswell Rating: 9/10
This was a Best Buy exclusive, and being a fan of the Foos I had to naturally buy it and add it to my collection, Its a must have for any fan of the Foos my favorite on this is World
Track Listing:
1) The Pretender (4:29)
2) Let It Die (4:05)
3) Erase/Replace (4:13)
4) Long Road to Ruin (3:44)
5) Come Alive (5:10)
6) Stranger Things Have Happened (5:21)
7) Cheer Up, Boys (Your Make Up Is Running) (3:41)
8) Summer's End (4:37)
9) Ballad of the Beaconsfield Miners (2:32)
10) Statues (3:47)
11) But, Honestly (4:35)
12) Home (4:52)
Band/Artist: Foo Fighters
Album Name: Echos, Silence, Patience & Grace
Website: Official Website Line-up: Dave Grohl (Vocals, Guitar,Piano), Chris Schiflet (Guitar), Nate Mendel (Bass), Taylor Hawkins (Drums, Piano, Background Vocals)
Year: 2007 Label: RCA / Roswell Rating: 7/10
I have to admit I was a bit disappointed in listening to this album, Don't get me wrong I am a huge fan of the Foos but this to me was not the kind of album I was not expecting, Still regardless It is still a good album, I love how the album opens with The Pretender the beginning to me is very very reminiscant of Led Zepplin's Stairway to Heaven Favorites includeThe Pretender, Erase/Replace, Long Road to Ruin, Summer's End, Stranger Things Have Happened I would say that this is to date their heaviest album.
Track Listing:
1) All My Life
2) Best of You
3) Everlong
4) The Pretender
5) My Hero
6) Learn to Fly
7) Times Like These
8) Monkey Wrench
9) Big Me
10) Breakout
11) Long Road To Ruin
12) This is A Call
13) Skin and Bones
14) Wheels (Previously Unreleased)
15) Word Forward (Previously Unreleased)
Band/Artist: Foo Fighters
Album Name: Greatest Hits
Website: Official Website Line-up: Dave Grohl (Vocals, Guitar,Piano), Chris Schiflet (Guitar), Nate Mendel (Bass), Pat Smear (Guitar), William Goldsmith (Drums), Taylor Hawkins (Drums, Piano, Background Vocals)
Year: 2009 Label: RCA / Roswell Rating: 10/10
I Had looked forward to this for awhile, I got the version with the bonus DVD, Had to being a big Fan of the Foo Fighters, They had also thrown a live concert from their studio that you could watch live on Facebook, I watched the first 2 hours of it on 10/30 it was great! I do like the new songs and the classics that made this band awesome and easy on the ears. When it comes to the Foo Fighters I am such a "Fanboy"
Track Listing:
1) Bridge Burning (4:47)
2) Rope (4:19)
3) Dear Rosemary (4:26)
4) White Limo (3:22)
5) Arlandria (4:28)
6) These Days (4:58)
7) Back & Forth (3:52)
8) A Matter of Time (4:36)
9) Miss the Misery (4:33)
10) I Should Have Known (4:16)
11) Walk (4:16)
Band/Artist: Foo Fighters
Album Name: Wasting Light
Website: Official Website Line-up: Dave Grohl (Vocals, Rythmn Guitars), Nate Mendel (Bass), Chris Schiflet (Lead and Ryhthm Guitars), Pat Smear (Lead and Ryhthm Guitars), Taylor Hawkins (Drums, Percussion, Background Vocals
Year: 2011 Label: RCA / Roswell Rating: 9/10
Wasting Light is the Foo Fighters' 2011 offering to its rabid adoring fans and to the nay sayers and haters. Before they started previewing portions of the album on the social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc it was said that this would be the Foo Fighters' heaviest album to date. I have to say that I disagree strongly with that. In my opinion this is not a the heaviest album by the Foos. If I had to choose an album from their catalog that was their heaviest I think that honor would go to their last album "Echos, Silence, Patience & Grace" or their Self Titled Album. There are some pretty heavy songs on this new offering, but not enough to classify the album as their heaviest. However Wasting Light is a typical Foo Fighters album which means its a good album. Its a mix of melody and harmonic songs with its fair share of the heavy stuff with Dave screaming his vocal chords to shreds. What I like about this album is that Butch Vig produced this album. For those hardcore fans of Nirvana he was the guy who produced Nevermind, not to mention he is the drummer of the band Garbage. I was very excited when I first read that he was going to be the producer. This album has a few noteables first of all it sees the return of Pat Smear back to the lineup. Pat Smear is one of the Original members of the band and left shortly after the second album. However Pat remained as a touring musician and now he is back to being an official member of the band. So The Foo Fighters are 5 guys 3 guitarists in the lineup. Seems kind of unusual but I'm cool with it. So you should be too. Another noteable is on the song "I Should Have Known" has another Nirvana alumni on bass and acorddian, Yes I am talking about Krist Novoselic. So imagine this, when doing that song, you got the guy who produced Nevermind, and 3 former members of Nirvana. That is the closest we can ever get to a Nirvana reunion. RIP Kurt. Bob Mould of Hüsker Dü fame plays guitar and does background vocals on "Dear Rosemary". Another noteable about this album is that it was recorded in Analog and upon its release they included a piece of the tape used to make the album. However Butch Vig had commented on an MTV Interview that it was all analog until it got to the Post-Mastering phase of the album. Upon several listens of the albums I have come to like Rope, Dear Rosemary, I Should Have Known, Arlandria, Bridge Burning, Miss The Misery, and Back & Forth When the Foo Fighters put out an album I normally can find anywhere from 4 songs and up that I like. This album is no exception. Of course I bought the Deluxe version of the album which came with a bonus CD with a remix of Rope (Deadmau5 mix) which in my opinion completely changes the tempo and feel of the song. It sounds almost like a dance mix. On the bonus cd it contrained a few videos one of "Walk" Live from the Roxy and the music video for "White Limo", which I believe has Motorhead's Lemmy in the video. What I liked about the bonus CD is an unreleased track called "Better Off" its a good song but I can see why it was left off the album it did not seem to fit with the other songs on this album. All in all I am going to give this a 9 for a rating out of a possible 10 because while it is a Foo Fighters album and I do like about half the songs on the album it did not quite grab me in the same way their first two albums did. I do enjoy this album its a nice new offering from one of my all time favorite bands and I am glad that their Hiatus wasn't for too long. Though they would take another hiatus after this album was released.