Band/Artist: Ace Frehley Album Name: Ace Frehley
Track Listing:
1) Rip It Out (3:39) 2) Speedin' Back to My Baby (3:35) 3) Snow Blind (3:54) 4) Ozone (4:41) 5) What's on Your Mind? (3:26) 6) New York Groove (3:01) 7) I'm in Need of Love (4:36) 8) Wiped-Out (4:08) 9) Fractured Mirror (5:25)
Year: 1978 Label:
Line-up: Ace Frehley (lead vocals, lead guitar, additional bass), Anton Fig (Drums, percussion), Will Lee (Bass on "Ozone", "Wiped-Out" & "I'm In Need of Love"), Carl Tallarico (Drums on Fractured Mirror), David Lasley and Susan Collins & co. (Background vocals on "Speedin' Back to My Baby", "New York Groove" & "What's On Your Mind?"), Larry Kelly (Background vocals on "Rip It Out"), Bill 'Bear' Scheniman (Bell on "Fractured Mirror"), Bobby McAdams (Power Mouth on "New York Groove") Rating: 10/10 Website: Official Website
The most successful of the 4 solo albums released in 1978 by the members of KISS, and from other fan's opinions I am told this one was the best. If anything can be said is that Ace as a solo artist was a smart move. When I bought Anomaly it really lit a new excitement for me and the overall love of music. So naturally I have sought out more Ace Frehley solo material, took some doing but I found this album. I had heard some of the songs from this album on Youtube and really needed to add this to the library. I was already familiar with Ozone as one of my favorite bands The Foo Fighters covered it on the single for Big Me I was not disappointed to say the least with this cd, Strong from start to finish. I can't wait till I score his other material

Band/Artist: Ace Frehley Album Name: Frehley's Comet
Track Listing:
1) Rock Soldiers (5:05) 2) Breakout (3:38) 3) Into The Night (4:12) 4) Something Moved (4:02) 5) We Got Your Rock (4:12) 6) Love Me Right (3:54) 7) Calling To You (4:20) 8) Dolls (3:28) 9) Stranger In A Strange Land (4:02) 10) Fractured (Instrumental) (4:14)
Year: 1987 Label:
Line-up: Ace Frehley (lead and rhythm guitars, lead & backing vocals), Tod Howarth (rhythm and lead guitars, keyboards, lead & backing vocals), John Regan (bass guitar and backing vocals),Anton Fig (drums and percussion) Rating: 9/10 Website: Official Website
I got this album almost a year before putting it on the website. This was the 3rd effort I have heard from Ace Frehley and I was slightly disappointed especially after hearing Anomaly and his 1978 Kiss Solo album. However I still do like this album and its a good album but It just did not "WOW" me like the aforementioned albums. It looks like through this album vox are shared by the Space Ace himself and Tod Howarth. Though Ace did 60% of the lead vocals on this album I bring this up because on the song Breakout Tod Howarth sounds alot at least to me like Paul Stanley, I had to do a double check make sure it wasn't Paul Stanley but to me it was uncanny. Former Kiss member Eric Carr co-wrote the song. Favorites include Rock Soldiers, Breakout, Into the Night, Something Moved

Band/Artist: Ace Frehley Album Name: Anomaly
Track Listing:
1) Foxy & Free (3:43) 2) Outer Space (3:48) 3) Pain in the Neck (4:18) 4) Fox on the Run (3:34) 5) Genghis Khan (6:08) 6) Too Many Faces (4:22) 7) Change the World (4:11) 8) Space Bear (5:24) 9) A Little Below the Angels (4:17) 10) Sister (4:48) 11) It's a Great Life (4:00) 12) Fractured Quantum (6:19)
Year: 2009 Label:
Bronx Born Records
Line-up: Ace Frehley (lead vocals, lead guitar, additional bass), Anthony Esposito (bass), Anton Fig (drums, percussion), Derrek Hawkins (rhythm guitar), Scot Coogan (drums, percussion), Marti Frederiksen (keyboards, additional bass and rhythm guitar) Rating: 11/10 Website: Official Website
First of all let me say I am not a diehard fan of Kiss I like some of their stuff and I reconize their contribution to Rock. Also let me say that I have not been previously exposed to Ace's solo work with the exception of the song "Ozone" which was covered by Foo Fighters on their Big Me single. Having said that let me say that of all the new music I was introduced to in 2009 This album would have won 2009 Album of the Year for me. I saw a commercial for FYE advertising this album playing Outer Space and Fox on the Run I instantly wanted this album. When I got it and played it, I was just instantly floored and excited about an album something that ive not experienced for quite a long time. This album has solid rockers like Pain in the Neck, Outer Space, Foxy & Free and some more mellow tunes like A Little Below The Angels even a few mostly instrumentals like Ghengis Kahn, Fractured Quantum Favorites include the entire album but gotta give special notice out for Change The World, It's a Great Life This album has turned me into a Ace Frehley fan
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