Band/Artist: Gwen Stefani Album Name: Love, Angel, Music, Baby
Track Listing:
1) What You Waiting For? (3:41) 2) Rich Girl (3:56) 3) Hollaback Girl (3:20) 4) Cool (3:09) 5) Bubble Pop Electric (3:42) 6) Luxurious (4:25) 7) Harajuku Girls (4:51) 8) Crash (4:06) 9) The Real Thing (4:11) 10) Serious (4:48) 11) Danger Zone (3:36) 12) Long Way to Go (4:34)
Year: 2004 Label: Interscope Records
Line-up: Gwen Stefani (Vocals), Other Lineup Too numerous to name but includes Eve and Johnny Vulture Rating: 6/10 Website: Official Website
I bought this expecting something similar to No Doubt, Big mistake there for me, It took several spins to really enjoy a few tracks from this CD. My Favorite song is Cool One thing I was not crazy about was the music for Luxurious You can tell that it was the music or very very close to the music of Notorious BIG's Big Poppa However, Some of the songs were catchy, and when I hear an artist who generally does not use profanity in their music and to switch and use it, sounds unnatrual to me, and Gwen in this case is no exception to that. Favorites include What you Waiting For, Hollaback Girl, Rich Girl, and Cool
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