Book Name: Heavier Than Heaven Author: Charles R Cross Related Artists/Bands: Nirvana
Release: 2001 Own: Yes Website: Official Website
Thoughts/Comments/Review: I got this when it first came out, I was estatic because this was the closest to a Official biography we were gonna get on Kurt Cobain. The author who has written bios on Jimmy Hendrix & Led Zeppelin , spent hours going through Cobain's journals, talking to his family and friends. In fact I should add that there's been talks of making a movie with the same name. I believe Courtney Love is involved in the project but anyways I am deviating.. This book changed my perspective on Kurt till this book we had Michael Azzerod's "Come As You Are", this book pretty much contradicts in many ways on the content of "Come As You Are". One thing I learned is that with "Come As You Are" Cobain had spent hours talking to the author. One thing though is Cobain liked to tell tales. However with Heavier Than Heaven a entirely different picture is painted of Kurt Cobain. One thing I liked about it was the focus on the earlier days, the title of the book came from a name of a tour Nirvana was on back in the late 80s. I thought that interesting. Anybody who is a fan of Cobain should pick this up. As this is the closest to the official if not deemed already the official biography.