Band/Artist: Hole Album Name: Live Through This
Track Listing: 1) Violet (3:24) 2) Miss World (3:00) 3) Plump (2:34) 4) Asking For It (3:29) 5) Jennifer's Body (3:41) 6) Doll Parts (3:31) 7) Credit in the Straight World (3:11) 8) Softer, Softest (3:27) 9) She Walks on Me (3:23) 10) I Think That I Would Die (3:36) 11) Gutless (2:15) 12) Rock Star (2:42) Year: 1994 Label: Geffen Records
Line-up: Courtney Love (Guitars, Vocals), Eric Erlandson (Guitar), Kristen Pfaff (Bass), Patty Schemel (Drums) Rating: 10/10 Website: Official Website
Who would have thought that the album name would be so true in a literal sense for Hole's Courtney Love, Wife of Kurt Cobain who in the first few months of this album's release had to push through the suicide of Kurt Cobain and the Drug overdose of her bass player Kristen Pffaf, Even a person whose life is a private one this would be a tramatic feat to go through this, but with Courtney's life in the spotlight she had to push even harder. Live Through This is Hole's finest album. A Definite Rocker Chick piece. One Reviewer on observed "This is Courtney's finest hour. Think of it as her 'Nevermind'" This could not be any more true. No Filler songs on this CD every song is a favorite.

Band/Artist: Hole Album Name: My Body , The Hand Grenade
Track Listing: 1) Turpentine (4:00) 2) Phonebill Song (1:48) 3) Retard Girl (4:47) 4) Burn Black (4:56) 5) Dicknail (3:39) 6) Beautiful Son (2:30) 7) 20 Years in the Dakota (2:54) 8) Miss World (Demo Version) (3:29) 9) Old Age (4:23) 10) Softer, Softest (3:47) 11) He Hit Me (It Felt like a Kiss) (3:44) 12) Season of the Witch (3:42) 13) Drown Soda (Live Version)(6:10) 14) Asking for It (Live Version) (3:58) Year: 1997 Label: EFA Records
Line-up: Courtney Love (Guitars, Vocals), Eric Erlandson (Guitar), Kristen Pfaff (Bass), Melissa Auf Der Maur (Bass), Patty Schemel (Drums), Rest of lineup if any is NA Rating: 6/10 Website: Official Website
This is a collection of B-sides, Demos, and Outtakes, Its decent, Favorites include: Season of the Witch, He Hit Me and it felt like a Kiss, Drown Soda, 20 years in the Dakota

Band/Artist: Hole Album Name: Celebrity Skin
Track Listing: 1) Celebrity Skin (2:42) 2) Awful (3:16) 3) Hit So Hard (4:00) 4) Malibu (3:50) 5) Reasons to Be Beautiful (5:19) 6) Dying (3:44) 7) Use Once & Destroy (5:04) 8) Northern Star (4:58) 9) Boys on the Radio (5:09) 10) Heaven Tonight (3:31) 11) Playing Your Song (3:21) 12)Petals (5:29) Year: 1998 Label: Geffen Records
Line-up: Courtney Love (Guitars, Vocals), Eric Erlandson (Guitar), Melissa Auf Der Maur (Bass), Patty Schemel (Drums) Rating: 10/10 Website: Official Website
The Biggest noteable on the followup to Live Through This was the fact that Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan was a musical Consultant on this album and Assisted in the writing of half this album. Some don't know that Corgan was a former flame of Courtney's before she met Kurt. Reguardless, Corgan challenged Courtney to write in new ways in the writing of this album. Its a great album, Another noteable to me is the song Boys on the Radio is a remake of the song she did on MTV's Unplugged which was called at the time Sugar Coma, This CD has no filler songs I like each song on this Album

Band/Artist: Hole Album Name: Nobody's Daughter
Track Listing: 1) Nobody's Daughter (5:19) 2) Skinny Little Bitch (3:10) 3) Honey (4:19) 4)Pacific Coast Highway (5:14) 5) Samantha (4:16) 6) Someone Else's Bed (4:26) 7) For Once In Your Life (3:34) 8) Letter to God (4:04) 9) Loser Dust (3:25) 10) How Dirty Girls Get Clean (4:54) 11) Never Go Hungry (4:28) Year: 2010 Label: Mercury
Line-up: Courtney Love (Guitars, Vocals), Micko Larkin (Guitar), Shawn Dailey (Bass), Stu Fisher (Drums) Rating: 8/10 Website: Official Website
From my understanding this was originally going to be a Courtney Love solo album but near release I had read it was going to be a Hole album. None of the original members sans Courtney. However I had seen an interview with her on Fuse recently and she looked exhausted and the interviewer seemed more interested in Literal lyrics meaning and reliving the past of one Kurt Cobain. All in all this is a strong album, Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins' fame and Linda Perry of 4 Non Blondes fame both co-wrote songs with Courtney and Guitarist Micko Larkin, I do have a few issues with the way Courtney sings on a few songs the beginning of Pacific Coast Highway and Honey, Pacific Coast Highway, the opening is very very similar to Boys on The Radio off of the Celebrity Skin album and the song Sugar Coma (which was an early version of the song) Its almost as if they took the opening chords and recycled them or something. Not my favorite song on the album. I gotta give my props to Nobody's Daugter, Skinny Little Bitch, Down, Never Go Hungry, Samantha, and Letter to God