Band/Artist: Holy Soldier Album Name: Holy Soldier
Track Listing: 1) Stranger (3:52) 2) See No Evil (5:28) 3) The Pain Inside of Me (6:35) 4) Cry Out for Love (3:28) 5) Tear Down the Walls (3:58) 6) When the Reign Comes Down (5:17) 7) Lies (4:58) 8) Eyes of Innocence (3:55) 9) Love Me (4:15) 10) We Are Young, We Are Strong (5:15) Year: 1990 Label: Myrrh Records
Steven Patrick (Vocals), Jamie Cramer (Guitar), Terry Russell (Drums), and Andy Robbins (Bass)
Rating: 9/10 Website: Official Website
I used to listen to this alot back when I listened to alot more Metal and Hard Rock, I was 16 when this album came out, It was at the time a fresh air musically speaking in the manner of being a fan and an avid listener to Christian Metal and Hard Rock. I like alot of the songs from this album In fact I think I will give it some spins now that I am adding it to the site. I might change this part afterwards but I do like it. Favorites include Stranger, Tear Down the Walls, The Pain Inside of Me, Eyes of Innocense, Lies, Love Me