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AC/DC - Backtracks
Pink Floyd - Meddle
Pink Floyd - A Saucerful of Secrets

Welcome to The Rock Connection!! This site is an amateur fan site devoted to mainly my CD Library but done in the spirit of my love for music and for web design. This website started around 2005 as a way to catalog my CD library, and of course many years later I am still working on it. This site has gone through so much in the way of changes since then, at one time it was known as which is now defunct. When I decided to relaunch this site I decided to change the name to the Rock Connection! Rock Connection was inspired by two very informative sites designed by music fans devoted to Heavy Metal they are No Life Til Metal and Metal Metropolis These sites have proved as inspiration to this projct. Links to these sites should be in the links section, While this site is not devoted to Heavy Metal it IS devoted to all kinds of music, Here within the site you will find some reviews, and some with just my thoughts and opinions on the music I own. On This Site you will find all sorts of artists and bands listed here as my tastes are very broad and some would probably even say strange. I just think my tastes are very broad.
Disclaimer: Rock City is NOT a commercial site, it is a fan site and in no way is this website making a profit or a dime off of copyrighted material