Band/Artist: Joan Jett Album Name:
Fit To Be Tied
Track Listing: 1) Bad Reputation 2) Light Of Day 3) Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah) 4) Roadrunner (Previously Unreleased Version) 5) I Love Rock 'N Roll 6) Victim Of Circumstance 7) Everyday People 8) I Hate Myself for Loving You (Alternate Version) 9) Crimson & Clover 10) Fake Friends 11) Make Believe 12) Cherry Bomb 13) Little Liar (Live) 14) World Of Denial 15) Love Is All Around Year: 1997 Label: Blackheart/Mercury
Line-up: Joan Jett (Rest of Lineup NA) Rating: 10/10 Website: Official Website
Updated: 5/2011 I've been not able to get enough of Joan Jett lately, this GH is a nice rounded collection. I had originally given this a 9/10 but I changed it to a 10/10 because I have come to love more songs from this collection. I got a whole new appreciation for Joan Jett's music after seeing the movie "The Runaways" I think Joan Jett is "The Ultimate Rocker Chick" listen to the songs you got some raunchy dirty riffs and the collection rocks from start to finish. It also includes her version of the Thin Lizzy hit Bad Reputation, Favorites include:Crimson & Clover, I Love Rock N Roll, Hey Little Liar, Light of Day, World of Denial, Crimson & Clover, Fake Friends, Cherry Bomb, Everyday People, Do You Wanna Touch Me, and Victim of Circumstance

Band/Artist: Joan Jett & The Blackhearts Album Name:
Track Listing: 1) Fetish (3:23) 2) Handyman (3:23) 3) The French Song (3:35) 4) Baby Blue (4:06) 5) Star Star (3:59) 6) Love Is Pain (3:06) 7) Secret Love (4:03) 8) Cherry Bomb (2:33) 9) Hanky Panky (3:29) 10) Coney Island Whitefish (3:35) 11) Wooly Bully (2:19) 12) Do You Wanna Touch Me? (live)(3:36) 13) Black Leather (live) (3:40) 14) Fetish (XXX) (3:28) Year: 1999 Label: Blackheart Records
Line-up: Joan Jett (Rest of Lineup NA) Rating: 6/10 Website: Official Website
I got this as a promo CD at work back in the day, I remember liking the title track Fetish but I admit it's been awhile since I've have given this a spin, Dont be surprised to see this edited at some point and time