Band/Artist: Jupiter VI Album Name: Back From Mars
Track Listing: 1) Back From Mars (3:14) 2) Human Endeavor (4:07) 3) Mimes Hill (3:16) 4) Corporate Stiff (4:53) 5) From Here to Ever (4:41) 6) Passions (4:55) 7) In a World Of.. (5:57) 8) All Day and All Of The Night (2:28) 9) Through The Speakers (Alien Synth Mix) (2:58) 10) Lucidia (5:10) 11) Brand New Day (3:42) 12) Zurich Von Mars (3:14) Year: 2006 Label: Retroactive Records
Jimmy Brown as: PETER BRAUN (Vocal, Gtrs and Strings), Brian Khairullah as: HELMUT STAGEL (Gtrs, and Backing Vox), Trevor Shannon as: REMEDIOS INNOCENTES (Bass Gtrs), Mike Reed as: SPIRIOS FILIOS (Drums and Percussion), Tiberius Ahan as: DARBY FLOWERS (Keys and Synths)
Rating: 10/10 Website: Official Website
I have read a few reviews on this album and the one thing that is constant and that I fully agree with is that if you are a fan of David Bowie then this is the album for you. I like everything about this album and band, from the songs to the concept behind the characters of this album. Very awesome and very original. For those who are in the know this is Jimmy Brown's rock project, In my opinion this is an album that Jimmy was destined to make. This album is straight up Rock and Roll while the members have gimmicks and character names theres no gimmicks in the music. Like I said Straight Up Rock N Roll. Every song is a favorite but special notice I gotta give out to is From Here to Ever, Lucidia, In a World..., Mimes Hill, Brand New Day I could list each song as a favorite and It would be the truth. The sound is a departure from the sound of Deliverance and the Synth driven Fearful Symmetry, Jupiter VI is it's own idenity, on this debut album, Covers from Terry Scott Taylor and The Kinks are great, Jimmy makes them his own. Of the two my favorite is Through The Speakers If you are expecting another Metal sounding album this is not the album for you but if you are a fan of David Bowie, The Killers, and or Lacuna Coil then this CD is for you. I look forward to hearing more releases from Jupiter VI, Don't Delay Get your copy today (end shamless plug)