Track Listing:
1) Welcome to the Five Two's
2) KJ Five Two
3) Whoop Whoop
4) Dear Slim Pt. 2
5) So in Love With You
6) Cartoon Network
7) Rock On (feat. Rob Beckley of Pillar)
8) Back in the Day
9) Can I Speak With a Manager? (Interlude)/Ya Bref Stank
10) 47 Pop Stars
11) Pick Yourself Up (feat. Donnie)
12) Don't Go
13) Check Yourself
14) Infomercial (Interlude)
15) #1 Fan (feat. Jubilee)
16) I Feel So Good
17) I'm Guilty
18) Outro/Gimme Dat(Mountain Dew Song)

Album Name:
It's Pronounced Five-Two!
Website: Official Site Line-up: KJ-52
Year: 2003 Label: BEC Recordings Rating: 7/10
I'm generally am not into Rap but I got this CD after hearing a few samples, his style is very similar to Eminem so if you are looking for a clean but intelligent Christian rapper KJ's your man, When the mood for rap comes to me I will take this one and spin it, #1 Fan is a real tearjerker, but some favorites include It's Pronounced Five Two, Back In The Day, Cartoon Network, and Dear Slim Pt 2
Track Listing:
1) Dad: 'That's How You Got Your Name' (Intro)
2) Fivetweezy
3) Are You Real? (feat. Jon Micah Sumrall of Kutless)
4) Rock with It
5) God (feat. Rebecca St. James)
6) Behind the Musik
7) Mom: 'Sitting in the Puddle' (Interlude)
8) Thank You
9) Jesus
10) Right Here (feat. Jeremy Camp)
11) Video Games
12) Plain White Rapper
13) Dad: 'Ybor City' (Interlude)
14) Things I Like (feat. Goldinchild)
15) Life After Death
16) Never Look Away
17) For the Ladies
18) Mom: 'I Wanted to Call You Sky' (Interlude)
19) I Can Call On You
20) Cry No More
21) One
22) He is All
23) Dad: 'It Was God Working in Your Life' (Outro)

Album Name:
Behind The Musik (A Boy Named Jonah)
Website:Official Site Line-up: KJ-52
Year: 2007 Label: BEC Recordings Rating: 6/10
I got this album becasue I like KJ's style, and because It's got few rememberable songs like Video Games & Are You Real those two are the gems for me on this album