Band/Artist: Lacuna Coil Album Name: Unleashed Memories
Track Listing:
1) Heir of a Dying Day (4:59) 2) To Live Is to Hide (4:34) 3) Purify (4:36) 4) Senzafine (3:53) 5) When a Dead Man Walks (5:54) 6) 1.19 (4:58) 7) Cold Heritage (5:23) 8) Distant Sun (5:29) 9) A Current Obsession (5:20) 10) Wave of Anguish (4:40) 11) Lost Lullaby [Bonus Track] (5:01)
Year: 2001 Label: Century Media Records
Line-up: Christina Scabbia (Female Vocals), Marco Biazzi (Guitar), Andrea Ferro (Vocals), Cristiano Migliore (Guitar), Cristiano Mozzati (Percussion, Drums) Rating: 5/10 Website: Official Website
This is a CD I need to respin, I have listened to it a few times, but at the moment I have nothing profound to say about it, Its not a terrible album I think any fan of Lacuna Coil would enjoy it

Band/Artist: Lacuna Coil Album Name: Comalies
Track Listing:
1) Swamped (4:00) 2) Heaven's a Lie (4:46) 3) Daylight Dancer (3:50) 4) Humane (4:12) 5) Self Deception (3:32) 6) Aeon (1:56) 7) Tight Rope (4:15) 8) The Ghost Woman and the Hunter (4:09) 9) Unspoken (3:37) 10) Entwined (3:59) 11) The Prophet Said (4:32) 12) Angel's Punishment (3:56) 13) Comalies (4:59)
Year: 2002 Label: Century Media Records
Line-up: Christina (Female Vocals), Andi (Male Vocals), Marco (Bass), Criz (Drums), Chris (Guitar), Maus (Guitar) Rating: 8/10 Website: Official Website
Fans of Evanescence will most likely like this album too. When I first listened to the album that it sounded like a "Harder" Evansecence was my first thought, however some could call this a Dark group or a Gothic group I personally enjoyed this band. This came highly recommended to me. If you ever buy this try to the get the version with the bonus CD Favorites include Heaven is a Lie, Swamped, The Prophet Said