Band/Artist: Mark Lanegan Album Name: The Winding Sheet
Track Listing:
1) Mockingbirds (2:29) 2) Museum (2:50) 3) Undertow (2:52) 4) Ugly Sunday (3:56) 5) Down In The Dark (3:21) 6) Wild Flowers (2:59) 7) Eyes Of A Child (4:00) 8) The Winding Sheet (5:30) 9) Woe (2:04) 10) Ten Feet Tall (2:49) 11) Where Did You Sleep Last Night (3:59) 12) Juarez (1:21) 13) I Love You Little Girl (2:02)
Year: 1990 Label: Sub-Pop
Line-up: Mark Lanegan, Kurdt Cobain (Guitar, Vocals), Krist Novoselic (Bass), (Rest of lineup currently unavail) Rating: 4/10 Website: Official Website
I bought this hard to find CD because of 2 songs, that had Kurt Cobain on them, Ive given this album a few spins and its not something i can fully get into but Im hoping that one day Ill find more songs on it that I like. Favorites include Where did you Sleep Last Night, and Down in the Dark