Intro: Megadeth is one of my favorite Heavy Metal bands, I came into this band near the more recent releases specifically The System Has Failed. I then at this point started to acquire other albums from the Megadeth Catalog. I have not been disappointed or put out. My first actual Megadeth CD I got was Hidden Treasures because it was all soundtrack and cover stuff. But thinking about it I liked songs even before then by this band. I was a fan of Sweating Bullets from Countdown to Extinction before I had even acquired a Megadeth CD. I also liked Angry Again from the Last Action Hero Soundtrack and Go To Hell from Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey. It was'nt until The System Has Failed that I started getting their studio albums which Ironically was the 3rd Megadeth CD I had owned. I had gotten Risk after Hidden Treasures. Then the System has Failed then Youthanasia. I also respect Dave Mustaine Ive read his bio which I believe is in the books section of this site. I have alot of respect for what he went through, that admiration and respect elevated when I learned he became a Christian. I believe both Mustaine and "Junior" both are Christians.
Track Listing:
1) Wake Up Dead (3:37)
2) The Conjuring (5:02)
3) Peace Sells (4:02)
4) Devil's Island (5:05)
5) Good Mourning/Black Friday (6:39)
6) Bad Omen (4:03)
7) I Ain't Superstitious (2:45)
8) My Last Words (4:55)
Band/Artist: Megadeth
Album Name: Peace Sells But Who's Buying
Website: Official Website Line-up: Dave Mustaine (Vocals & Guitar), Chris Polland (Guitars), Dave Ellefson (bass guitar, backup vocals) Gar Samuelson (drums)
Year: 1986 Label: Captiol Rating: 9/10
I really enjoyed this album I was not quite sure if I was going to or not because of my tastes and having alot of the fans tell me that they are more thrash metal than the harmonous stuff I like (Youthanasia , System Has Failed, Etc... However I have come to realize that I love this band and discovering some of their older albums is like discovering a new friend or something. Some of my favorites on this album included Wake Up Dead, Peace Sells, My Last Words I was debating on whether to go with a 8.5 or a 9 out of 10 but given that this was an album were I liked most of the album I felt it deserved a 9.
Track Listing:
1) Holy Wars... The Punishment Due (6:32)
2) Hangar 18 (5:14)
3) Take No Prisoners (3:26)
4) Five Magics (5:40)
5) Poison Was the Cure (2:56)
6) Lucretia (3:56)
7) Tornado of Souls (5:19)
8) Dawn Patrol (1:51)
9) Rust in Peace... Polaris (5:44
10) My Creation (1:36)
11) Rust in Peace... Polaris (demo)(5:25)
12) Holy Wars... The Punishment Due (demo)(6:16)
13) Take No Prisoners (demo)(3:23)
Band/Artist: Megadeth
Album Name: Rust In Peace
Website: Official Website Line-up: Dave Mustaine (Vocals & Guitar), Marty Friedman (Guitar), Nick Menza (Drums), David Ellefson (Bass), Chris Poland (Lead Guitar on Demo Tracks)
Year: 1990 Label: Capitol Rating: 10/10
When I bought "The System Has Failed" I did not realize that I would become a fan of Megadeth, sure I liked some songs that were done and I liked "Hidden Treasures" and of course I then got "Youthanasia" It was suggested that I might not like this album as it's more metal/thrash than it is melodic. I had started buying the older albums and I picked this album up and gave it spin I can see why the fans love this album so much it's a great album, It's Megadeth at it's best In my opinion. No filler songs what so ever I enjoyed it from start to finish. I am not sure there is anything I could say that has not been said before about this album but just WOW!!! If i wasn't a fan of this band before I most definitly am now!!!
Track Listing:
1) Skin o' My Teeth (3:14)
2) Symphony of Destruction (4:05)
3) Architecture of Aggression (3:38)
4) Foreclosure of a Dream (4:12)
5) Sweating Bullets (5:03)
6) This Was My Life (3:43)
7) Countdown to Extinction (4:17)
8) High Speed Dirt (4:21)
9) Psychotron (4:41)
10) Captive Honour (4:14)
11) Ashes in Your Mouth (6:10)
Band/Artist: Megadeth
Album Name: Countdown to Extinction
Website: Official Website Line-up: Dave Mustaine (Vocals & Guitar), Marty Friedman (Guitar), Nick Menza (Drums), David Ellefson (Bass)
Year: 1992 Label: Capitol Rating: 9.5/10
A Really good album, I didnt get the remastered one, I got this in a shop for 5 bucks, a good buy if you ask me, I had not been too familiar with this album but I had already knew and liked the songs Symphony of Destruction, Sweating Bullets both are favs but I also found that the album itself is a very strong album, good songwriting, killer guitars and wicked drums. Fans of "Youthanasia" and "The System Has Failed" will definitly enjoy this album
Track Listing:
1) Reckoning Day (4:34)
2) Train of Consequences (3:26)
3) Addicted to Chaos (5:26)
4) À Tout le Monde (4:28)
5) Elysian Fields (4:03)
6) The Killing Road (3:57)
7) Blood of Heroes (3:57)
8) Family Tree (4:07)
9) Youthanasia (4:09)
10) I Thought I Knew It All (3:44)
11) Black Curtains (3:39)
12) Victory (4:27)
13) Millennium of the Blind (2:15)
14) New World Order (demo) (3:45)
15) Absolution (instrumental) (3:27)
16) À Tout le Monde (demo) (6:20)
Band/Artist: Megadeth
Album Name: Youthanasia
Website: Official Website Line-up: Dave Mustaine (Vocals & Guitar), Marty Friedman (Guitar), Nick Menza (Drums), David Ellefson (Bass)
Year: 1994 (Remastered 2004) Label: Capitol Rating: 10/10
This CD was recommended to me by a very reliable person who knows his Metal (The webmaster of No Life Til Metal which is found in the links section) I bought the Remastered CD and This is just as good as their Latest release being The System Has Failed if not better. This album is very solid and harmonic as well as heavy. As of the 4/3/05 Site Update this CD has been very heavy in my rotation and has been since I bought it a few months ago. Favorites include Train of Consequences, A Tout Le Monde, The Killing Road, Family Tree, Blood of Heros, Victory
Track Listing:
1) No More Mr. Nice Guy (3:02)
2) Breakpoint (3:29)
3) Go to Hell (4:36)
4) Angry Again (3:47)
5) 99 Ways to Die (3:58)
6) Paranoid (2:32)
7) Diadems (3:56)
8) Problems (3:57)
Band/Artist: Megadeth
Album Name: Hidden Treasures
Website: Official Website Line-up: Dave Mustaine (Guitars & Vocals) Rest of Lineup NA
Year: 1995 Label: Capitol Rating: 9/10
This CD is Songs either used in movies or Covers, Favorites Include Paranoid, Go to Hell, Angry Again I think this was a nice collection of songs for an EP, it would save the average fan of going out and buying all these soundtracks and or other recordings where these songs are. If you listen to Paranoid at the end you can hear Dave yell at Nick and Nick says something which I am not going to repeat here but it makes me wonder if it was just planned or if it really was not random. If it wasn't then why did they not remove it from the track and or re-record the track? I also believe this was near the end of Nick's tenure in Megadeth. Either way this is a must have for any Megadeth fan
Track Listing:
1) Trust (5:12)
2) Almost Honest (4:03)
3) Use The Man(4:36)
4) Mastermind (3:48)
5) The Disintigrators (2:50)
6) I'll Get Even (4:19)
7) Sin (3:06)
8) A Secret Place (5:25)
9) Have Cool, Will Travel (3:29)
10) She-Wolf (3:38)
11) Vortex (3:38)
12) FFF (2:39)
Band/Artist: Megadeth
Album Name: Cryptic Writings
Website: Official Website Line-up: Dave Mustaine (Vocals & Guitar), Marty Friedman (Guitar), Nick Menza (Drums), David Ellefson (Bass)
Year: 1997 (Remastered 2004) Label: Capitol Rating: /10
Track Listing:
1) Insomnia (4:34)
2) Prince of Darkness (6:26)
3) Enter the Arena (0:52)
4) Crush 'Em (4:57)
5) Breadline (4:23)
6) The Doctor Is Calling (5:44)
7) I'll Be There (4:19)
8) Wanderlust (5:21)
9) Ecstasy (4:28)
10) Seven (5:00)
11) Time: The Beginning (3:04)
12) Time: The End (2:26)
Band/Artist: Megadeth
Album Name: Risk
Website: Official Website Line-up: Dave Mustaine (Vocals, Guitar), Marty Friedman (Guitar), David Ellefson (Bass), Jimmy DeGrasso (Drums)
Year: 1999 Label: Capitol Rating: 8/10
I have to be honest, At the point of this purchase I was not much of a fan of this band. I bought this album mainly because Goldberg of WWE/WCW Fame used Crush Em as his enterance music at one point to promote the sequel to Universal Soldier. This is an album I need to give a few listens, at some point this section might be edited.
Track Listing:
1) Blackmail The Universe (4:33)
2) Die Dead Enough (4:18)
3) Kick The Chair (3:57)
4) The Scorpion (5:59)
5) Tears In A Vial (5:22)
6) I Know Jack (0:40)
7) Back In The Day (3:28)
8) Something That I'm Not (5:07)
9) Truth Be Told (5:40)
10) Of Mice And Men (4:05)
11) Shadow Of Deth (2:15)
12) My Kingdom (3:04)
Band/Artist: Megadeth
Album Name: The System Has Failed
Website: Official Website Line-up: Dave Mustaine (Vocals & Guitar), Chris Poland (Guitar), Jimmy Lee Sloas (Bass), Vinnie Colaiuta (Drums)
Year: 2004 Label: Sanctuary Rating: 10/10
I am not sure what I can say about this album, Except WOW!, Like I had mentioned under Risk I have never been much of a Fan but this album definitly has me converted now. This album has no fillers its a masterpiece from start to finish. Alot of the fans are even saying its one of their best
Track Listing:
1) Holy Wars... The Punishment Due (6:32)
2) In My Darkest Hour (6:26)
3) Peace Sells (4:02)
4) Sweating Bullets (5:26)
5) Angry Again (3:47)
6) À Tout le Monde (4:25)
7) Trust (5:12)
8) Kill the King (3:42)
9) Symphony of Destruction (4:06)
10) Mechanix (2002 Remix)(4:21)
11) Train of Consequences (3:30)
12) Wake Up Dead (3:38)
13) Hangar 18 (5:12)
14) Dread and the Fugitive Mind (4:23)
15) Skin o' My Teeth (3:15)
16) She-Wolf (3:39)
17) Prince of Darkness (6:28)
Band/Artist: Megadeth
Album Name: Back To The Start - Greatest Hits
Website: Official Website Line-up: Includes Past & Present Lineups
Year: 2005 Label: Capital Rating: 9/10
A good collection of songs, when I got it I was not too familiar with their past material, However I find that I like Megadeth in its entireity. Anyone who wants to know more this is a must have.
Track Listing:
1) Sleepwalker (5:53)
2) Washington Is Next! (5:19)
3) Never Walk Alone... A Call to Arms (3:54)
4) United Abominations (5:35)
5) Gears of War (4:26)
6) Blessed Are the Dead (4:02)
7) Play for Blood (3:49)
8) À Tout le Monde (Set Me Free) (featuring Cristina Scabbia) (4:11)
9) Amerikhastan (3:43)
10) You're Dead (3:18)
11) Burnt Ice (3:47)
Band/Artist: Megadeth
Album Name: United Abominations
Website: Official Website Line-up: Dave Mustaine (Vocals & Guitar), Glen Drover (Guitar), Shawn Drover (Drums, Percussion), James Lomenzo (Bass), Axel Mackenrot (Keyboards)
Year: 2006 Label: Roadrunner Rating: 9.5/10
In my Honest Opinion this album is a Great follow-up to System Has Failed, but Im locked in as a fan. I Really did dig this album from start to finish, but a special mention of my Favorites which include United Abominations, Gears of War, Never Walk Alone, Washington is Next
Track Listing:
1) Dialectic Chaos (2:25)
2) This Day We Fight! (3:27)
3) 44 Minutes (4:37)
4) 1,320' (3:51)
5) Bite the Hand (4:01)
6) Bodies (3:34)
7) Endgame (5:57)
8) The Hardest Part of Letting Go...Sealed With a Kiss (4:42)
9) Head Crusher (3:26)
10) How the Story Ends (4:29)
11) The Right to Go Insane (4:18)
Band/Artist: Megadeth
Album Name: Endgame
Website: Official Website Line-up: Dave Mustaine (Vocals & Guitar), Glen Drover (Guitar), Shawn Drover (Drums, Percussion), James Lomenzo (Bass), Chris Broderick (Guitars, Background Vocals)
Year: 2009 Label: Roadrunner Rating: 9/10
Another great album from Mustaine and Co. Alot of fans say this is a return to form intensity wise, and that the last album this intense was Rust in Peace It shreds and rocks my face off. I admit I gave it a high mark I also have to admit that I don't/ haven't spun this album all that often. When I got this I was having issues with my Car CD player and outside of my car I really did not spin alot of music at home at that time.
Track Listing:
1) Sudden Death (5:09)
2) Public Enemy #1 (4:15)
3) Whose Life (Is It Anyways?) (3:50)
4) We The People (4:33)
5) Guns,Drugs & Money (4:19)
6) Never Dead (4:32)
7) New World Order (3:56)
8) Fast Lane (4:04)
9) Black Swan (4:10)
10) Wrecker (3:51)
11) Millennium Of The Blind (4:15)
12) Deadly Nightshade (4:55)
13) 13 (5:53)
Band/Artist: Megadeth
Album Name: Th1rt3en
Website: Official Website Line-up: Dave Mustaine (Vocals & Guitar) Chris Broderick (lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars, backup vocals) Dave Ellefson (bass guitar, backup vocals) Shawn Drover (drums, percussion and backup vocals)
Year: 2011 Label: Roadrunner Rating: 9/10
The first thing to note about Megadeth's thireeth studio album is that they use 2 older songs. "New World Order" was a demo made during the "Countdown to Extinction" sessions but was never released officially until this album. Though this song and "Millenium of the Blind" are bonus tracks on the remastered "Youthanasia" album. I really enjoyed this album I think that I liked this one more than Endgame which is to say I disliked Endgame but I think this album fit more of my tastes. Favorites on this album include Sudden Death, Public Enemy No 1, Guns, Drugs and Money, We The People and Wrecker All in all this is a great release from Megadeth and I love that they are going strong and are in the process of releasing their 14th studio album.