Band/Artist: Natalie Merchant Album Name: Tigerlily
Track Listing: 1) San Andreas Fault (3:57) 2) Wonder (4:26) 3) Beloved Wife (5:03) 4) River (5:32) 5) Carnival (5:59) 6) I May Know the Word (8:07) 7) The Letter (2:12) 8) Cowboy Romance (4:39) 9) Jealousy (2:41) 10) Where I Go (3:59) 11) Seven Years (5:31) Year: 1995 Label: Elecktra
John Holbrook (Organ, Electric Guitar, Engineer), Katell Keineg (Background Vocals), Barrie Maguire (Bass, 12 String Guitar), Natalie Merchant (Vocals, Piano, Organ, Vibraphone), Jay Ungar (Violin), Peter Yanowitz (Percussion, Drums), Michelle Kinney (Cello), Matt Henderson (Bass, Electric Guitar), Eric Schenkman (Electric Guitar), Adrian Lopez Guevarra (Percussion), Jennifer Turner (Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Background Vocals)
Rating: 6/10 Website: Official Website
Mainly I had bought this album so I can have all the singles from this album as I could not locate a few of them, However my favorite songs from this album are all the singles that were released off of it. Other than those few songs I was not too overly impressed. Favorites included Carnival, Wonder, Jealousy

Band/Artist: Natalie Merchant Album Name:Live In Concert New York City June 13, 1999
Track Listing: 1) Wonder 2) San Andreas Fault 3) Beloved Wife 4) Space Oddity 5) Carnival 6) Dust Bowl 7) After the Gold Rush 8) Gun Shy 9) The Gulf of Araby 10) Ophelia 11) Seven Years Year: 1999 Label: Elecktra
Natalie Merchant (Vocals, Piano), Erik Della Penna (Guitars), Gabriel Gordon (Guitars, Background Vocals), Peter Yanowitz (Drums), Graham Maby (Bass), Elizabeth Steen (Keyboards), Doug Stringer (Percussion), Susan McKeown (Guest Vocals)
Rating: 4/10 Website: Official Website
I had bought this because I liked her version of David Bowie's Space Oddity, not to mention the songs Carnival and Wonder. Wish Jealousy was included but it wasn't ah well. Other than that Nothing rememberable about this album
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