Band/Artist: Nina Gordon Album Name: Tonight & For The Rest Of My Life
Track Listing:
1) Now I Can Die (3:07) 2) 2003 (4:05) 3) Tonight and the Rest of My Life (5:14) 4) Badway (3:08) 5) Horses in the City (4:08) 6) Hold on to Me (4:05) 7) New Year's Eve (3:28) 8) Fade to Black (4:07) 9) Number One Camera (2:58) 10) Got Me Down (4:05) 11) Too Slow To Ride (3:49) 12) Hate Your Way (4:46) 13) The End of the World (3:39)
Year: 1998 Label:
Warner Brothers
Line-up: Nina Gordon (Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Vocals), Bob Rock (Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Bass), Jim Shapiro (Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Mellotron), Jon Brion (Electric, Acoustic, Pedal Steel & Bass Guitars, Organ, Chamberlin), John Webster (Acoustic & Wurlitzer Electric Piano, Chamberlin, Mellotron, Organ),Scott Riebling (Bass), Stacy Jones (Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Drums, Percussion) Rating: 9/10 Website: NOT AVAILABLE
When I first heard the title track to this album It was an instant like for me. I'd hear it on the radio back in the late 90s but I could never catch who sang it or who it was. Imagine my frustration as I wanted to buy the album. Well one day I was making my rounds in a now defunct music store called "Record Express" I would often go here and go through the used CDs and see if there were any promo stuff like free singles or band stickers. I scored a Foo Fighters band sticker back in the mid 90s when they were first coming out. Anyways... I was doing my routine browsing when the song came on and I still Couldn't get who sang this. So I went up to the desk and inquired on who did that song that just played. They looked at their promo cd and told me Nina Gordon, I found a copy of the CD in the store and was elated as I had not found anything I wanted to acquire. So I took the CD home and gave it a few spins and I remember telling myself I need to keep an eye out on her as for the CD as a whole I really liked it. Though to be honest it's been awhile since I have played it as I write this. It gives me an excuse to dig it out and give it some much needed spins. Though this much I can tell you my favorites on that entire album were Today & For The Rest Of My Life, Now I Can Die, Number One Camera