Band Name: Nirvana
Title: Unplugged in New York

Thoughts/Comments/Etc: Viewed by alot as Nirvana's farewell as within months the body of Kurt Cobain would be found. It was this performance that really got me hooked on Nirvana, and it was for them doing The Meat Puppets' Plateau After seeing that I started to buy Nirvana CDs like no tomorrow and it was then that i got hooked on grunge. It was awhile before this actually came out on DVD but it includes two songs that did not originally air which is Something in the Way and Meat Puppets' Oh Me This is a must have for any Nirvana fan, for me I can watch it over and over you can see some of Kurt's humor in between songs not to mention they did an excellant cover of David Bowie Man Who Sold The World, This almost didnt air as Nirvana didnt really do any of their hits, with the exception of Come As You Are Their performance included alot of covers and lesser known songs such as About A Girl All in all it was a great performance.