Band/Artist: PFR Album Name: Them
Track Listing: 1) Pour Me Out 2) Daddy Never Cried 3) Anything 4) Fight 5) Line of Love 6) Ordinary Day 7) Tried to Tell Her 8) Face to Face 9) Them 10) Kingdom Smile 11) Say 12) Garden Year: 1996 Label: Sparrow
Line-up: Joel Hanson (Guitar, Vocals), Patrick Andrew (Bass, Vocals), Mark Nash (Drums, Vocals) Rating: 10/10 Website: Not Available
I dont remember how I got exposed to this album I think I was at a Christian Bookstore Cornerstone Bibles & Books in Groton CT It was on the sampler if memory serves I heard Pour Me Out and i had to buy it on Tape, then later bought it on CD, I love this album from start to finish. It's edgy and Crunchy and has a nice Rock Vibe. No filler songs, I gave this a 10/10 I havent heard any of their other stuff but Ive heard that this album is their best but would like to check the rest of it out. Originally know as Pray For Rain They had to change their name or face a lawsuit by another group with the same name, so Pray for Rain became PFR, A must have for any Alt Rock fans