Intro: Pink Floyd an iconic progressive Rock from England has become one of my favorite bands of all time, I find that as time goes on the more I find I like by them. They are for me a treasure trove of undiscovered music. They have gone through 3 major shifts in their sound. The first with original lead singer and guitarist Syd Barrett had a 60s style surfer pyschodelic rock sound, The second phase would be primarily led by original bassist Roger Waters which had a fusion of jazz and rock giving it a space rock kind of feel to it. Very minialistic if you ask me, the third led primarily by guitarist David Gilmore which had a more traditional song structure very much a rock, jazz and blues fusion.
Track Listing:
1) Let There Be More Light (5:38)
2) Remember a Day (4:33)
3) Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun (5:28)
4) Corporal Clegg (4:13)
5) A Saucerful of Secrets (11:57)
6) See-Saw (4:36)
7) Jugband Blues (3:00)
Pink Floyd

Album Name:
A Saucerful of Secrets
Website: Official Website Line-up: Roger Waters (bass guitar, percussion, vocals), Richard Wright (piano, organ, mellotron, vibraphone, xylophone, vocals,tin whistle on "Jugband Blues"), David Gilmour (guitar, kazoo, vocals), Nick Mason (drums, percussion, vocals on "Corporal Clegg",[27] kazoo on "Jugband Blues"), Syd Barrett (acoustic and slide guitar on "Remember a Day",guitar on "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun", vocals and guitar on "Jugband Blues")
Year: 1968 Label: Tower Rating: 6/10
The one biggest noteable interesting fact about this album is the song Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun is this is the ONLY song in which both Syd Barrett and David Gilmore played guitar. There was this documentry on VH1 Classic called "Pink Floyd Which One Is Pink" This documentry I watch every so often but when I do watch it, I find a new Pink Floyd album I want or a new song Ive fallen in love with. One such viewing lead me to get this album. I bought it because of the aforementioned track with Gilmore and Barrett, but I also got this because of the song Corporal Klegg and Jugband Blues I found Syd Barrett's sound to be very rock infused. Something that you might listen to while surfing in the late 60s. Listen to the song and then listen to "Lucifer Sam" from their first album. Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd was very different than the Pink Floyd that is the icon. A must have for any fan.
Track Listing:
1) One of These Days (5:57)
2) A Pillow of Winds (5:10)
3) Fearless (including "You'll Never Walk Alone")(6:08)
4) San Tropez (3:43)
5) Seamus (2:16)
6) Echoes (23:29)
Band/Artist:Pink Floyd
Album Name: Meddle
Website: Official Website Line-up: David Gilmour (guitar, bass on "One of These Days", lead vocals, harmonica on "Seamus"), Roger Waters (bass, lead vocals and acoustic guitar on "San Tropez"), Richard Wright (Hammond organ, piano, vocals on "Echoes"), Nick Mason (drums, percussion, vocal phrase on "One of These Days")
Year: 1971 Label: EMI Rating: 8/10
Meddle was another album that was a result of watching the Documentry on VH1 Classic Pink Floyd Which One is Pink I am not sure what song I heard that made me want to get this song, I think it was the last track Echos, of course in listening to this album there were other songs I picked up that I really liked. I keep thinking about the track Echos can you imagine rehearsing that and getting through most of it to screw up to start over? It clocked in at over 23 minutes which is pretty much half the lenght of an album in those days. It was crazy if you ask me, but the track is pretty good. Plus in my opinion it had a Dark Side of the Moon esque type of sound.
Track Listing:
1) Speak to Me (1:30)
2) Breathe (2:43)
3) On The Run (3:30)
4)Time (6:53)
5) The Great Gig In The Sky (4:15)
6) Money (6:30)
7) Us and Them (7:34)
8) Any Colour You Like (3:24)
9) Brain Damage (3:50)
10) Eclipse (1:45)
Band/Artist:Pink Floyd
Album Name: Dark Side of the Moon
Website: Official Website Line-up: David Gilmour (Vocals, Guitar), Nick Mason (Percussion, Tape Effects), Richard Wright (Keyboards, Vocals), Roger Waters (Bass, Vocals, Tape Effects)
Year: 1973 Label: Captiol Rating: 11/10
My indoctrination to Pink Floyd began with this album. I admit I came to love this band after they had come and gone which for me is sad. At first I did not care for Pink Floyd and admitantly the album was The Wall. Which you will find my thoughts on further down this page. However it was exposure to this album that really got me into Pink Floyd. The song Brain Damage reminded me of a Moody Blues song which is a group I like. Later that day I went out and bought this album and I was so hooked. This is an album I would take with me on a deserted Island. I think from reading alot of reviews on that alot of these so called reviewers have no idea on what real music is. Not all of them. But some of the reviews I read showed a lack in education both in general and in music. Pink Floyd was an inspiration to alot of today's and yesterday's bands as I am sure they will continue to inspire future generations. More respect and love for Pink Floyd is needed In my Opinion. This CD has no fillers on it. A True Classic
Track Listing:
1) Shine on You Crazy Diamond (parts 1-5) (13:31)
2) Welcome to the Machine (7:30)
3) Have a Cigar (5:08)
4) Wish You Were Here (5:26)
5) Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 6-9) (12:28)
Band/Artist:Pink Floyd
Album Name: Wish You Were Here
Website: Official Website Line-up: David Gilmour (Vocals, Guitar), Nick Mason (Percussion, Tape Effects), Richard Wright (Keyboards, Vocals), Roger Waters (Bass, Vocals, Tape Effects)
Year: 1975 Label: Capitol Rating: 9/10
A Strong followup to Dark Side... They even released a documentry on the making of this album and from what I have heard and seen this album is alot about Syd. As one would expect from Pink Floyd, Syd really left his mark with the band and provided inspiration for alot of tunes as well. One song I would love to learn is the title track to this album as it is my wife's favorite Pink Floyd song.
Track Listing:
Disk 1:
1) Into The Flesh? (3:19)
2) The Thin Ice (2:27)
3) Another Brick In The Wall (Part 1)(3:21)
4) The Happiest Days of Our Lives (1:46)
5) Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2) (4:00)
6) Mother (5:36)
7) Goodbye Blue Sky (2:48)
8) Empty Spaces (2:08)
9) Young Lust (3:30)
10) One of My Turns (3:37)
11) Don't Leave Me Now (4:17)
12) Another Brick In the Wall (part 3) (1:15)
13) Goodbye Cruel World (1:17)
Disk 2
1) Hey You (4:42)
2) Is There Anybody Out There (2:40)
3) Nobody Home (3:24)
4) Vera (1:33)
5) Bring The Boys Back Home (1:27)
6) Comfortably Numb (6:24)
7) The Show Must Go On (1:35)
8) In The Flesh (4:17)
9) Run Like Hell (4:24)
10) Waiting For The Worms (3:58)
11) Stop (:30)
12) The Trial (5:20)
13) Outside The Wall (1:44)
Band/Artist:Pink Floyd
Album Name: The Wall
Website: Official Website Line-up: David Gilmour (Vocals, Guitar), Nick Mason (Percussion, Tape Effects), Richard Wright (Keyboards, Vocals), Roger Waters (Bass, Vocals, Tape Effects)
Year: 1979 Label: Captiol Rating: 11/10
Probobly their most famous album ever, The Wall is a double disc concept album. The Album deals with Isolation, Though in my personal opinion it also deals with loss, It is so brilliantly and beautifully written, I know Waters is credited for writing all but 3 tracks but it's in my opinion his Opus.I would say this album is tied with Dark Side of the Moon My two Favorite Pink Floyd Albums by Far! Favorites Include: THE ENTIRE DOUBLE ALBUM Back in 2012 in the summertime I had the opportunity to see Roger Waters perform this entire album live. It was a great show in which I wrote a review on my blog called Sidewinder Silo the following is what I wrote....

Taken from Sidewinder Silo
Back in the wintery months my girlfriend was already planning my Independence Day birthday. (I was born on July 4) I remember the day but not the date though I think it was back in March. She had emailed me and told me to look up June 30th if i wanted to know what my birthday present was that I was to Google it. So I did and after 2 guesses I guessed correctly and I remember my immediate reaction was one of awe and gratitude and just plain blown away. The day of the show arrives and we get to the XL center and just to get to our seats was a big workout and it was hot that day too. I think I sweated a few pounds off just making that climb. For those who are familiar with the XL center we were in row EE. Can’t get much higher. Now I will be honest and candid I am terrified of heights. Of course once the show started it seemed like a bunch of people decided to light up and smoke their doobies and I mellowed out nicely.

The show itself was amazing. You can tell that alot of practice, planning, effort all went into every detail of the show. I do have to mention that the section we were sitting in we had a view of behind the wall. I tried to imagine being in the section where the wall is directly in front of you. Anyways I am digressing here a bit. There was no opening acts and Roger did not deviate from the Wall I am not going to post a playlist because all you gotta do is look at the track listing for Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” It was played in my opinion just as well as the album if not better. I was really blown away by the musicianship. During the performance we were assailed with images displayed by a projector on the wall, we saw animated characters such as the Worms, and a Flying Pig, I tried to get a picture of the Flying Pig but it vanished before I could get a good shot. After the wall was built and Goodbye Cruel World played there was an intermission. When the show resumed, it was like listening to Disk 2. I was disappointed with the trail. It was all animated on the Wall, and the tearing down of the wall was anti-climatic but just how it fell just showed me how much planning went into this show. For some reason I was expecting more but alas it didnt happen. All in all it was a very good concert. My girlfriend and I split the cost of a tour shirt and I bought a mug.
I was really impressed with the performance and this is the closest I will get to seeing Pink Floyd live. I have to say that it was an awesome show and I think any fan of this album should go see it live if you have the chance. He plays the Wall no deviations in fact he interacted with the audience a few times but all in all he was in top form that night in Hartford and because of my girlfriend I will never look at the Wall the same way again and I mean that in the best way.
Overall Grade: A+

Track Listing:
1) Cluster One (5:58)
2) What Do You Want from Me? (4:21)
3) Poles Apart (7:04)
4) Marooned (5:29)
5) A Great Day for Freedom (4:17)
6) Wearing the Inside Out (6:49)
7) Take It Back (6:12)
8) Coming Back to Life (6:19)
9) Keep Talking (6:11)
10) Lost for Words (5:14)
11) High Hopes (8:32)
Band/Artist:Pink Floyd
Album Name: The Division Bell
Website: Official Website Line-up: David Gilmour (lead vocals, guitars, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards, production, mixing, programming), Nick Mason (drums, percussion, programming), Richard Wright (keyboards, piano, vocals)
Year: 1994 Label: Captitol Rating: 6/10
I have had this album for awhile and previously I had stated I needed to listen to it before giving it a rating and my thoughts, While I admit that I have not listened to this as much as I had hoped I have enough to give it a rating and give some thoughts. One big thing for me is this is my first Post Waters era Pink Floyd CD. The third phase of this band's saga and of course with this new phase it is a new sound a departure from Water's minialmist sound. It had a twinge of Rock, Jazz and Blues. I really bought this for the song Take It Back but I have come to like High Hopes (Thanks to that Documentry)
Track Listing:
Disk 1
1) Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-5 and 7) (13:35)
2) Astronomy Domine (4:20)
3) What Do You Want from Me (4:10)
4) Learning to Fly (5:16)
5) Keep Talking (6:52)
6) Coming Back to Life (6:56)
7) Hey You (4:40)
8) A Great Day for Freedom (4:30)
9) Sorrow (10:49)
10) High Hopes (7:52)
11) Another Brick in the Wall (Part Two)(7:08)
12) One of These Days (cassette and LP versions only)(6:45)
Disc two (The Dark Side of the Moon)
1) Speak to Me (2:30)
2) Breathe (2:33)
3) On the Run (3:48)
4) Time (6:47)
5) The Great Gig in the Sky (5:52)
6) Money (8:54)
7) Us and Them (6:58)
8) Any Colour You Like (3:21)
9) Brain Damage (3:46)
10) Eclipse (2:38)
11) Wish You Were Here (6:35)
12) Comfortably Numb (9:29)
13) Run Like Hell (8:36)
Band/Artist:Pink Floyd
Album Name: Pulse
Website: Official Website Line-up: Outside of Gilmore, Mason, and Wright the lineup is too numerous to list
Year: 1995 Label: Sony Rating: 7/10
This is a Live Album, with one disc having the entire Dark Side of the Moon album performed Live, Also included hits from The Wall and other Floyd Albums. I bought this mainly to fill out my Selection of Pink Floyd. I do enjoy the live version of Learning to Fly
Track Listing:
1) Things Left Unsaid (4:26)
2) It's What We Do (6:17)
3) Ebb and Flow (1:55)
4) Sum(4:48)
5) Skins (2:37)
6) Unsung (1:07)
7) Anisina (3:16)
8) The Lost Art of Conversation (1:42)
9) On Noodle Street (1:42)
10) Night Light(1:42)
11) Allons-y(1) (1:57)
12) Autumn 68(1:35)
13) Allons-y(2) (1:32)
14) Talkin' Heaven (3:29)
15) Calling (3:37)
16) Eyes to Pearles (1:51)
17) Surfacing (2:46)
18) Louder Than Words (6:36)
Band/Artist:Pink Floyd
Album Name: The Ebdless River
Website: Official Website Line-up: Outside of Gilmore, and Mason, the lineup is too numerous to list
Year: 2014 Label: Parophone/Columbia Rating: 10/10
According to David Gilmore this is indeed Pink Floyd's last album. Honestly I thought that the Divison Bell would have been their last album. I was very surprised to see a new Pink Floyd album in the 21st century to be honest. This is a Richard Wright tribute album from his bandmates. Richard Wright who was the keyboardist for Pink Floyd passed away in 2008. Richard is credited with writing credits in 10 of the 18 tracks, all these tracks were taken from the Division Bell sessions. Listening to this album really made me appreciate the awesomeness of Richard Wright's talent, granted Keyboards dont do much for me but he had a way of making it sound really good. I learned he had a couple of solo albums i'd love to get my hands on. Anyways, this album is 99% instrumental the last song Louder than Words is the only track with actual singing by Gilmore. There is another track that has spoken word by Stephen Hawking but outside of that its a instrumental album but it is a very good one. It is a must have for any Real fan of the Floyd.