Band/Artist: Poe Album Name: Hello
Track Listing:1) Hello (4:31) 2) Trigger Happy Jack (Drive by a Go-Go) (3:36) 3) Choking the Cherry (3:34) 4) That Day (2:41) 5) Angry Johnny (4:18) 6) Dolphin (3:47) 7) Another World (3:20) 8) Fingertips (4:21) 9) Beautiful Girl (3:42) 10) Junkie (3:00) 11) Fly Away (4:34) 12) (ghost track) Year: 1995 Label: Atlantic
Line-up: Poe (vocals),Richard Barrow (flute),Alex Blanc (guitar),Jon Brooks (drums),Jeffrey Connor (bass, guitar),Amp Fiddler (keyboard),Eric Garcia (guitar, keyboard),Dean Pleasants (guitar),Rice (keyboard),Matt Sorum (Drums),Cameron Stone (cello),Tony Wilson (guitar),Jay Dee (drum programming) Rating: 6/10 Website: Official Website
I remember first hearing Poe in the car with one of my best friends, the song was Trigger Happy Jack we both looked at each other in surprise when she dropped the lyric Its Just Another One of His Jedi Mind Tricks Being a big fan of Star Wars this was very cool. Of course down the road I got the CD and dug a few more songs, very 90s Alternative sound. Trigger Happy Jack, Hello and Angry Johnny are all gems on this CD