Band/Artist: Shania Twain Album Name: Come On Over
Track Listing:
1) Man! I Feel Like a Woman! (3:53) 2) I'm Holdin' on to Love (for the rest of my life) (3:30)3) Love Gets Me Every Time (3:33) 4) Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You) (3:35) 5) From This Moment On (4:43) 6) Come on Over (2:55) 7) When (3:39) 8) Whatever You Do! Don't! (3:47) 9) If You Wanna Touch Her, Ask! (4:04) 10) You're Still the One (3:34) 11) Honey, I'm Home (3:39) 12) That Don't Impress Me Much (3:38) 13) Black Eyes, Blue Tears (3:39) 14) I Won't Leave You Lonely (4:13) 15) Rock This Country! (4:23) 16) You've Got a Way (3:24)
Year: 1997 Label: Mercury
Line-up: Shania Twain (Vocals) Line Up N/A Rating: 10/10 Website: Official Website
When this album first came out I was working for a music store in my local mall, Not being a fan of any form of Country music I felt I was being tortured with this album being played over and over again. However one song really stuck on me I liked cuz of the guitar riffs the song was Black Eyes, Blue Tears eventually other songs grew on me until I bought the album then I couldn't stop playing this CD. This album made me a fan of Shania Twain. Favorites Include the Entire Album theres not a filler song on it at all In my Opinion

Band/Artist: Shania Twain Album Name: Up
Track Listing:
1) Up! (2:52) 2) I'm Gonna Getcha Good! (4:29) 3) She's Not Just a Pretty Face (3:49) 4) Juanita (3:50) 5) Forever and for Always (4:43) 6) Ain't No Particular Way (4:24) 7) It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing (3:19) 8) Nah! (4:08) 9) (Wanna Get to Know You) That Good! (4:33) 10) C'est la Vie (3:42) 11) I'm Jealous (4:05) 12) Ka-Ching! (3:20) 13) Thank You Baby! (for Makin' Someday Come So Soon) (4:00) 14) Waiter! Bring Me Water! (3:19) 15) What a Way to Wanna Be! (3:36) 16) I Ain't Goin' Down (3:57) 17) I'm Not in the Mood (To Say No)! (3:25) 18) In My Car (I'll Be the Driver) (3:16) 19) When You Kiss Me (4:08)
Year: 2002 Label: Mercury
Line-up: Shania Twain (Vocals) Line Up N/A Rating: 5/10 Website: Official Website
The Follow Up to Come on Over It didn't grab me like the previous album did but the songs I like are very good and include Up, I'm Gonna Getcha Good, Forever & For Always