Band/Artist: Skid Row Album Name:
Skid Row
Track Listing: 1) Big Guns (3:36) 2) Sweet Little Sister (3:10) 3) Can't Stand the Heartache (3:24) 4) Piece of Me (2:48) 5) 18 and Life (3:50) 6) Rattlesnake Shake (3:07) 7) Youth Gone Wild (3:18) 8) Here I Am (3:10) 9) Makin' a Mess (3:38) 10) I Remember You (5:10) 11) Midnight/Tornado (4:17) Year: 1989 Label: Atlantic
Line-up: Sebastian Bach (vocals), Scotti Hill (guitars), Rob Affuso (drums), Rachel Bolan (bass), Dave "The Snake" Sabo (Guitar) Rating: 9/10 Website: Official Site
Good album, all in all no real fillers, this is mostly a nostalgia album from being a teenager, Though to this day my favorite song from this album is I Remember You I love this song. Other favorites are 18 and Life, Youth Gone Wild, and Can't Stand the Heartache Definitly a Nostaliga album.