Band/Artist: Sojourn Album Name: These Things I Remember
Year: 2005 Label: Unavailable
Line-up: Mike Cosper, Rebecca Dennison, and Jeremy Quillo. Rating: 8/10 Website: Official Website
A few things that I was instantly impressed with when I first gave this CD a listen is the boldness in their lyrics, their diverse sound, and a passage in their linear notes. Which not only contained a message to the fans but it also dispelled one of the biggest myths in the Christian faith which says as follows “The Christian Life, despite the claims of many, is not free from suffering or spiritual dryness” What attracted me to Sojourn was the comparison of Norah Jones in the mainstream secular market. For those who are familiar with Norah Jones knows she has a folksy , jazzy sound to her music.
Lyrically Sojourn leaves no doubts on their stance. They do not leave the listener questioning if they are an artist wanting to bring glory to Jesus Christ or if they are doing this for artistic expression. Every single song in this reviewer’s opinion could be a Praise and Worship song. Three of the songs on this album were adaptations to various Psalms. If I had to give all their lyrics a central theme if I had to describe the theme I would say that the theme is depending on God’s grace and love and strength when our own strength fails us.
Sojourn has a variety of sounds through out the entire album that to this reviewer show their diversity, songs like “Crippled Soul” sounds very Norah Jones-esque in the ways of the soft vocals and the jazzy music. This song was this reviewer’s personal favorite. “Faithful” was very bluesy and rockish all rolled into one, despite the use of the banjo in the song. “From The Depths” comes across as a very Folksy tune. “Psalm Fifty Seven” is very pop rock in sound. Each song on this album is like a musical buffet, you don’t have just one type of style on this album each song is like a different dish to choose from.
When I first opened the CD and looked inside at the lyrics and notes like I often do when I get a new CD The first sentence of a message stood out to me “The Christian Life, despite the claims of many, is not free from suffering or spiritual dryness” When one becomes a Christian it is the misconception that life is going to be easy and simple. We all know this is not the case and Sojourn tells it like it is. I was very impressed with the boldness in that message. In reading the linear notes I found that the inspiration behind these songs were the Psalms “These Songs were largely birthed out of our desire to reconnect with the language of the Pslams”
Listening to Sojourn was like as I had written earlier like experiencing a buffet. Each song like a tasty dish nourishment for the ears and for the soul. Their boldness in their lyrics, their diverse sound that is spread out through the album and their boldness in their linear notes telling it like it is overall impressed me. Any fans of Norah Jones, Sarah McLaughlin, or Folk Music or Contemporary music would do well to get themselves a copy of “These Things I Remember” This reviewer on a scale on one to ten with one being the lowest and ten the highest would give this a Eight.