Band/Artist: Sombrance Album Name: Eli
Track Listing:
1) Back & Forth 2) Lucky 7 3) Mercy River
4) Wasting Away
Year: 2003 Label: Zophim Records
Line-up: Rick Mester (Vocals), Wade Baird (Guitars), Todd Hurt (Drums), Jimmy P. Brown II (Bass) Rating: 10/10 Website: Official Website
This 4 song EP I had the pleasure of writing a review on it.I wanted to add some more notes and thoughts before I posted the review. The only reason why I did not give this album a perfect 10 is because it didnt have enough songs on it. That is my only complaint about this album. This album also features Jimmy Brown of Deliverance & Fearful Symmetry

The four song EP Eli delivers the unique sound of Sombrance, best described as according to their website as “ “Dirge Pop” a blend of goth with the 70’s haze rock sounds of bands like Pink Floyd in addition to the pop hook of shoegazer bands like Starflyer 59” (Taken from The EP being the latest from Sombrance delivers the sad, beautiful music from which they are known. The EP opens with the song “Back and Forth” a song that describes what all of us go through at an end to a relationship. The song is about going through all the emotions much like an emotional rollercoaster. Their website calls it a sad love song, I would have to agree with that assessment. “Lucky 7” is probably the hardest song on this album, musically speaking. The song speaks of Wolves in sheep’s clothing. “He Grins like a Fugitive, Speaks as a Prostitute” “Molested in Spirit they tried to believe that he spoke in a Holy One’s name” I would say that this is the one song out of the four that does not seem to fit with the “Sound” of the album. Regardless of this fact I think this song is pretty intense. The vocals sound edgy as does the guitars in this song. “Mercy River” in my opinion is the lightest of the 4 songs on this album. This song describes what it is like to have God’s mercy and grace. “Let Your Mercy cover me like a thousand lullabies” The album’s version of this song uses an electric guitar but on their website there is an acoustic version to this song. I find as I listen to this album that this is the one song I play the most. I find it uplifting. “Wasting Away” features Jimmy Brown of Deliverance/Fearful Symmetry on backup vocals. This song in my opinion is a good example of the “Sad, Beautiful music” that is associated with Sombrance. Rick’s vocals mixed along with Jimmy Brown’s are very haunting in this song. As the music itself is eerie. The song deals with a significant loss as well as a fascination of what is beyond death. “You have gone inside to the Mystery” I think this is a song that everyone at one time can relate to. Overall I think the only problem with this album is the fact there’s only 4 songs on the entire album. After listening to it I was left wanting to hear more. The songs it did have were all great. I could hear the various influences in the music that Sombrance’s Rick Mester credits on the band’s website. If you the listener like Pink Floyd or are a fan of bands like Starflyer 59, The Violet Burning then I highly recommend that you check Sombrance out. Their website has a few songs for download in mp3 format. Check them out, you the listener will not be disappointed.