Band/Artist: Spice Girls Single Name: 2 Become 1
Year: 1996 Label: Virgin
Track Listing: 1) 2 Become 1 (4:05) 2) One of These Girls (3:33) Website: Offical Website
Review/Comments/Thoughts: Ok I am gonna say this straight up. This is one of my "guilty" pleasures when it comes to music. I do like a few songs and if you cannot accept that, then it's not my problem. I loved this song from the first time I heard it. So I didnt want to buy the entire album (which I eventually did only cuz I got them dirt cheap) Anyways, being a big fan of this song I wanted just the song and that is why I got the single. The song talks about the bonding of two lovers I find it very sexy sounding. Smooth R&B very melodic and harmonic. I love a good harmony.

Band/Artist: Spice Girls Single Name: Goodbye
Year: 1998 Label: Virgin
Track Listing: 1) Goodbye(4:44) 2) Christmas Wrapping (4:14) 3) Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves (Live) (4:35) 4) We Are Family (Live)(3:22) Website: Offical Website
Review/Comments/Thoughts: I was working in a music store when this song came out, I bought it because I liked the song, This song came mainly as a goodbye as they were going to go there seperate ways with the departure of Geri Halliwell (aka Ginger Spice) to strike out on a solo career, they had put this song out and a video. The song itself is good