Band/Artist: Tourniquet Album Name: Stop The Bleeding
Track Listing: 1) The Test for Leprosy (4:38) 2) Ready or Not (3:31) 3) Ark of Suffering (4:14) 4) Tears of Korah (6:20) 5) The Threshing Floor (4:13) 6) You Get What You Pray For (3:23) 7) Swarming Spirits (3:24) 8) Whitewashed Tomb (4:22) 9) Somnambulism (4:39) 10) Harlot Widow and the Virgin Bride (7:45) Year: 1990 Label: Intense Records
Line-up: Ted Kirkpatrick (Drums, Bass), Guy Ritter (Vocals), Gary Lenaire (Guitars, Vocals, Bass), Mark Lewis (Lead Guitars) Rating: 10/10 Website: Official Website
My first exposure to Tourniquet was around 1991 while at a Christian Music festival called Creation they didn't play this festival but months earlier I had discovered Deliverance and I remember getting one of those newsletter things while at the festival and in going through it I saw a band with the coolest looking logo, I knew that when I first saw this that I needed to make it my mission to buy this album. Funny thing is at Creation they had a place where I could buy Christian music and it was to this date the best place I ever shopped in. There I had found Tourniquet's Stop The Bleeding, This band was unique and like I said they had the coolest looking logo I remember on my binder I used in High School freehand I drew the logo and it came out very close. I was proud. Now on to the album, All in all I love this album, generally not a fan of the style overall but this album was no disappointment in 1991 and in 2010 it still rocks my socks off. Some of my favorite songs include: Ark of Suffering, Tears of Korah, Somnambulism, You Get What You Pray For, Ready or Not, Test For Leprasy

Band/Artist: Tourniquet Album Name: Pathogenic Occular Dissonance
Track Listing: 1) Impending Embolism (2:05) 2) Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance (4:26) 3) Phantom Limb (5:41) 4) Ruminating Virulence (5:31) 5) Spectrophobic Dementia (5:16) 6) Gelatinous Tubercles of Purulent Ossification (5:12) 7) Incommensurate (5:48) 8) Exoskeletons (3:55) 9) Theodicy on Trial (4:29) 10) Descent into the Maelstrom (1:32) 11) En Hakkore (3:38) 12) The Skeezix Dilemma (10:00) Year: 1992 Label: Intense Records
Line-up: Guy Ritter (Vocals), Gary Lenaire (Guitar, Vocals), Erik Mendez (Guitars), Victor Macias (Bass), Ted Kirkpatrick (Drums) Rating: 10/10 Website: Official Website
This album in my eyes ranks right up there with their debut album, Not a filler song on this album in my opinion its a very strong release, It would also be the last album with Guy Ritter on Vocals, I remember buying this first on cassette and then later CD I had Psycho Surgury on tape but it never did anything for me so I skipped that album. This is an album when I spin it I normally will spin it several times at a time just because Its a great album, in my opinion it showcases the uniqueness of the band. Using alot of medical terms in their music is something I dont think has ever been done. Yeah I can say I like this album. Favorites include the entire album but Exoskeletons, Theodicy on Trial, and The Skeezik Dilemna are among my favorites

Band/Artist: Tourniquet Album Name: Intense Live Series Volume 2
Track Listing: 1) Phantom Limb (6:27) 2) Medley: Ark of Suffering/Sterotaxic Atrocities (5:20) 3) (in studio) (0:17) 4) Whitewashed Tomb (4:21) 5) The Skeezix Dilemma (7:37) 6) The Tempter (Trouble cover) (6:10) 7) (in studio) (0:22) 8) The Messiah (Bloodgood cover) (4:51) Year: 1993 Label: Intense Records
Line-up: Ted Kirkpatrick (Drums,Percussion), Gary Lenaire (Guitar, Vocals), Erik Mendez (Guitar, Vocals), Victor Macias (Bass, Vocals), Les Carlson (Guest Lead Vocals) (From Bloodgood) Rating: 5/10 Website: Official Website
I had gotten this because at the time I was trying to get all the volumes to this I think at one point I was just missing the last one as I had originally had the first 4 (Deliverance, Tourniquet, Randy Rose and Die Happy), This one I remember really did not stand out to me, though I did like the live version of the Skeezik Dilemna, It just really didnt seem like Tourniquet to me, but in fairness I havent listened to this CD in a very long time, This might change after giving it some spins but for now I am on the fence with this one