Band/Artist: Tracy Chapman Album Name: Tracy Chapman
Track Listing:
1) Talkin' Bout a Revolution (2:39) 2) Fast Car (4:56) 3) Across the Lines (3:24) 4) Behind the Wall (1:49) 5) Baby Can I Hold You (3:14) 6) Mountains o' Things (4:39) 7) She's Got Her Ticket (3:56) 8) Why? (2:06) 9) For My Lover (3:12) 10) If Not Now... (3:01) 11) For You (3:09)
Year: 1988 Label: Elektra
Line-up: Tracy Chapman(Vocals,Guitar), Rest of Lineup changes with each Track Rating: 10/10 Website: N/A
What can i say about this album? When I used to work in a small music store years ago one of my new co-workers highly recommended this CD he had his copy and played it in the store and this CD just blew me away. So Naturally I bought myself a copy. Some consider this Folk and I would agree. This album has no filler songs all of them are great but the favorites are what stands out to me. Favorites include Talkin 'Bout a Revolution, Fast Car, Behind the Wall, For My Lover