Band/Artist: Troglodyte Dawn Album Name: Troglodyte Dawn
Track Listing:
1) 667 2) Fallen World (Including Human Race) 3) Redeemed 4) Longing 5) Forever After 6) Flower 7) Dood 8) Lust (Including Testimony & Droon) 9) Look on The Cross 10) Dawn
Year: 2003 Label: Stone Groove Records/Jesus Freak Music
Line-up: Randy Michaud (Guitars, Vocals), Andrew Flake* (Guitars), Kevin Mack* (Bass), Mac Hines* (Drums)
*-indicates they were Guests
Rating: 9.5/10 Website: Music V2 (Site Linked off Offical Forum)
I had the pleasure of writing an review of this Album which will be included in the profile. I find the more I listen to this CD the more I love it. You can hear the Black Sabbath influence and the Ambient influence as well. This was a CD I got hooked on the first listen. Troglodyte Dawn to me is a breath of fresh air in the Christian Metal Scene. Troglodyte Dawn's Randy Michaud is now in a band called Tykkus I look forward to more of Troglodyte Dawn in the future.

Troglodyte Dawn, an upfront Christian Doom Metal project based in Arizona tells it like it is in their self titled album. Their style is Doom Metal but I personally wouldn’t fully label this band as such. I would say that their style is their own. Throughout their album there are some songs that are very doom-ish in sound others sound like straight up Heavy Metal. I see diversity in this album. In this reviewer’s opinion Troglodyte Dawn’s S/T album is the perfect marriage of Heavy Metal, Doom Metal, and Ambient. I encourage any fan of groups such as Black Sabbath, Tangerine Dream, or any fan of Ambient and or Metal to pick up this album. The songs in this album are very lyrically driven. Troglodyte Dawn’s Randy Michaud pulls no punches in the lyrical content. Bold and upfront lyrics telling how one can come to know Jesus as well as very uplifting at the same time. Troglodyte Dawn’s Randy Michaud loves the band Black Sabbath and it is evident throughout the album. One song called “Forever After” is a biblical parody of Sabbath’s “After Forever” which if one were not a fan of Black Sabbath you wouldn’t notice the difference and that the listener might think it was just another TD song. TD’s Randy Michaud was quoted in saying at TD’s Official message board affectionately known as The Cave (which is hosted by that he hopes to do an album of nothing but Sabbath parodies similar to the one on their Self Titled album. Overall I was very impressed with this album. After listening to it I instantly became a fan of this band. It is also my opinion that with a major label deal and more exposure that Troglodyte Dawn could become one of the biggest names in the Christian heavy metal scene. I’m personally excited to see their next offering and hope that TD’s audience grows. The biggest draw to me is the boldness on their lyrics, in singing about the love of our creator and Savior. Another big draw for me personally was the overall style. It was hard and intense in a completely different way that other Metal bands are. I personally look forward to their next release.