Track Listing:
1) Absolute Power (4:01)
2) The More Things Change (3:01)
3) Brand New Song (3:23)
4) Madman (3:58)
5) The Me Dying (4:13)
6) Dream The Dream (3:50)
7) No One Wants To Die (5:03)
8) Burning Sunset Glow (5:05)
9) Place In The Sun (3:44)
10) You See Me Coming (3:04)
11) Why (3:04)
12) Torment (4:47)
13) Innocent Dream (5:58)
The World Will Burn

Album Name:
Website: Official Site Line-up: Dale Thompson (Vocals), Alan Zaring (All Instruments)
Year: 2016 Label: Goatman Records Rating: /10
Severity is the debut album of The World Will Burn, Alan Zaring who plays all the instruments on this album (With the exception of guest musicians contributing on various tracks) and the Vocals being handled by none other than Dale Thompson. Fans of Christian Rock and Metal in the 80s early 90s would know him for his work in Bride. The World Will Burn is 13 intense tracks of Hard Rocking Goodness.The album opens strongly with "Absolute Power" I think sets the tone for the entire album. Each song just builds on the momentum that is set. "Burning Sunset Glow" slows it down a notch, the song still rocks but has a haunting sound to it. Something that I instantly dug when I first heard it. When I first heard the snippets of this album the song I really took to was "You See Me Coming" which has a Alice Cooper Poison era sound / vibe to it. For me the snippets did not do the songs justice. After hearing this album in it's entireity I not only enjoyed the song that drew me in but many others as well. Some of my favorites on this album are Absolute Power, Burning Sunset Glow, The More Things Change, You See Me Coming The quality of music in this album shows that both members put their heart and soul into the writing, playing, and recording of this album. With Alan's shredding riffs and Dale's powerful vocals this is a match made in heaven. I think fans of straight up Hard Rock like Bride, AC/DC would enjoy this.