Band/Artist: Tykküs Album Name: Ümlaut
Track Listing:
1) Born to Die 2) Convince You 3) Warfare 4) With His Love
Year: 2005 Label: Stone Grooved Records
Line-up: Dale Burton (Guitars), Justin Frear (Guitars), Randy Michaud (Vocals, Bass), Steve Slack (Drums), Brian Weldin (Bass) Rating: 9/10 Website: Official Website
What can I say about Tykkus? Well first of all I have the pleasure of calling these guys my friends, these are very supportive guys. I gave this CD a spin and felt I could jot some notes about Tykkus after one spin. I instantly loved this album. The 4 song EP is all around solid. You can tell that by listening to it that the guys put alot of time, energy and effort into this CD. Lyricaly bold for Jesus Christ. I could go on and on. You can hear the Sabbath and Judas Priests influences in the music. As well as Queen as well as some Zakk Wyld. When I listened to this album I liked every song. When i first heard the opener "Born to Die" I knew that this was going to be a good CD. I feel this song is a very strong opener. So Now If I am singing the praises of Tykkus why did I not give them a 10? This reason is simple, The reason I rated this CD a 9 out of 10 is because there is only 4 songs on it. I was left wanting more. I mean I knew it was an EP but its like the end of a good movie. You dont want it to end. This is the only Minus I can give you the reader on this cd. The Only reason they got a 9 is because the CD should have been longer. But I think This is just the Prologue to the Tykkus legacy. I dont think we've even hit the beginning yet. Here's to the Future.