Band/Artist: Venia Album Name: Genesis (2004 Demo)
Track Listing: NA Year: 2004 Label: Indie
Line-up: Veronica (Vocals, Violin), Viktor (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals), Jere (Guitar, Backing Vocals), Juhani (Bass, Backing Vocals), Daniel (Drums) Rating: 9.5/10 Website: Official Site
I don't know how long I have had the pleasure of knowing Viktor, I met him on the former Official message board of the Christian band Deliverance. Even before Venia's inception I would remember him posting various samples of music he had been working on and It was very solid, heavy music. I was always impressed, so when word came about that He was in a band called Venia, I Had to score a copy of their recently released demo. In the meantime I had gotten a taste of Venia through their website where you can hear 2 songs from the Demo. This only made me anxious to score a copy of their Demo CD. Venia, according to the band's official website means "Venia = grace, forgiveness (latin)" Upon the first spin of this CD left a good impression on me. Musically heavy and yet melodic I had thought of bands like Barren Cross, "Old School" Tourniquet. This CD opens with "False Security" which in this reviewers opinion really sets the stage for the entire CD. The song is very reminiscant of Deliverance in their speed metal days. Specifically from their first album. The turning point in this CD is the song "Eternal Security" which is all instrumental, This song reminds me of a Metalized version of the Nutcracker Theme or a symphony that Bach or Beethoven would have wrote had they had been metal musicians. Musically "Eternal Security" stands out the most to me. This song shows the talent the band's musicians possess. It's phenominal. Another song that stood out was the song "Taivaassa" which in the English translation is "In Heaven" Musically speaking I would not call it a Speed metal song but this another song to me that was reminiscant of Deliverance in their speed metal days. For me that is the highest compliment I can give any musician. Venia is fronted by a Female singer, to some die hard metallers that is an issue but to this reviewer it's a plus. Veronica's vocals are very melodic, I don't think that the production quality has done her vocals justice. In her biography on the band's website it mentioned she did not listen to much metal before Venia. It is this reviewer's opinion that she made the transition well.

Venia's lyrics are very bold to proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is also evident to this reviewer that this band is God-Centered, meaning that I think if Jesus himself were to sit down and give this album a spin I honestly think he would love it. Not all the songs on the CD are in English. Songs like "Taivaassa", "Miks" are in Finnish. In listening to "Taivaasa" sung in Finnish It sounded beautiful. I am sure to some the songs not being in English might be a factor or a problem but I found it to be a breath of fresh air. In my opinion it shows the beauty of the Finnish language. I had the chance to read the English version of this song and it blessed me. Very uplifting song, but then again the entire CD lyrically is uplifting. Venia is a band based in Finland. Their first offering "Genesis" despite the fact it is a demo is a very good Christian Metal EP, The CD left me wanting more. In listening to the Disk the Listener can hear the talent this band possesses and the style of the songs on this demo also shows the diversity musically and lyrically the band possess. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best I would give this CD a 9 and a half. The only minus for me was there wasn't enough songs on this CD. I think Venia has potential to make it big and it is my prayer that Venia does make it big. It is also my hope that I Get to hear a Venia CD in the future with big budget production behind it. If you the listener are a fan of Melodic Metal Christian or Secular I STRONGLY Urge you to get a copy of this CD.You can order the CD through either the band or through Manifest Distribution (which is where I got my copy) If you live close to the band I urge you to Check them out Live.