Track Listing:
1) Sucker Train Blues (4:27)
2) Do It for the Kids (3:55)
3) Big Machine (4:25)
4) Illegal i Song (4:17)
5) Spectacle (3:41)
6) Fall to Pieces (4:30)
7) Headspace (3:42)
8) Superhuman (4:15)
9) Set Me Free (4:07)
10) You Got No Right (5:33)
11) Slither (4:08)
12) Dirty Little Thing (3:57)
13) Loving the Alien (5:48)
Velvet Revolver

Album Name:
Website:NA Line-up: Slash (Guitars), Dave Kushner (Guitars), Duff McKagan (Bass), Matt Sorum (Drums), Scott Weiland (Vocals)
Year: 2004 Label: RCA Rating: 10/10
For me personally this was a long awaited album, I had been following VR since they were referred to as "The Project" Some of my favorite songs include,Fall to Pieces, Loving the Alien, Do it for the Kids, Illegal I Song, Slither Being a longtime fan of both Guns N Roses and Scott Weiland I was not disappointed with this album. The biggest question to this is Is it a combination of GNR and STP? It is in a sense, it does possess both elements that made GNR great, It has the Bluesy Hard rock edge with Weiland's modernized lyrics and Vox. This album definitly gets my highest rating
Track Listing:
1) Let It Roll (2:32)
2) She Mine (3:24)
3) Get Out the Door (3:14)
4) She Builds Quick Machines (4:01)
5) The Last Fight (4:03)
6) Pills, Demons & Etc. (2:54)
7) American Man (3:56)
8) Mary Mary (4:34)
9) Just Sixteen (3:59)
10) Can't Get It Out of My Head (3:58)
11) For a Brother (3:26)
12) Spay (3:06)
13) Gravedancer (4:32) (Contains a hidden track named "Don't Drop That Dime" (3:59) starting at 04:43)
Velvet Revolver

Album Name:
Website:NA Line-up: Slash (Guitars), Dave Kushner (Guitars), Duff McKagan (Bass), Matt Sorum (Drums), Scott Weiland (Vocals)
Year: 2007 Label: RCA Rating: 9/10
I Anxiously awaited the followup to Contraband while I really do dig this album it didnt quite live up to the standards of Contraband, Personally I think its good but not as good as their first album, Its a shame that in April 2008 that Scott Weiland was kicked out of the band. That really bummed me out being a big fan of the band. However He's got a 2nd Solo and Slash is working on a Solo album and STP will be going into the Studio so Its all good Favorites include She Mine, Get Out The Door, She Builds Quick Machines, The Last Flight, Pills, Demons & Etc, Mary Mary, Get Out of My Head (ELO Cover), For A Brother