Intro: Scott Weiland, Former lead singer of both Stone Temple Pilots, and Velvet Revolver to date he has released 2 Solo albums, a Christmas album and a Covers album. Inspired by both Jim Morrison and David Bowie. Personally one of my favorite singers. Say what you will about Weiland but he has a distinguished discography not only of his solo material but the contributions he has made to various artists through the years.
Related Artists: Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver, Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts
Track Listing:
1) Desperation #5 (4:05)
2) Barbarella (6:36)
3) About Nothing (4:48)
4) Where's the Man (4:55)
5) Divider (4:23)
6) Cool Kiss (4:55)
7) The Date (5:21)
8) Son (5:04)
9) Jimmy Was a Stimulator (3:58)
10) Lady, Your Roof Brings Me Down (5:26)
11) Mockingbird Girl (5:02)
12) Opposite Octave Reaction (4:18)
Band/Artist: Scott Weiland
Album Name: 12 Bar Blues
Website: Official Website Line-up: Scott Weiland (Vocals), Rest of Lineup N/A
Year: 1998 Label: Atlantic Rating: 11/10
For me this album was a perfect follow up to Stone Temple Pilots' Tiny Music, Gifts from the Vatican Giftshop I gave this album a perfect score because It is one of my all time favorite albums, Every single song rocks. If i were on a deserted Island I would have this as one of the 5 cds I could have. It is very "Artsy" much like STPs 3rd Album, the aforementioned Tiny Music Since this album I had awaited for a second solo album by Weiland which I had read back in 2002 that it was going to be much like the first one. However he jumped on board with Velvet Revolver which is cool, as long as he's doing music. Favorites include the entire album but some noteables are Barbarella, Desperation #5, Where's The Man, Cool Kiss, Lady, Your Roof Brings me Down
Track Listing:
Disc One
1) Missing Cleveland (4:13)
2) Tangle With Your Mind (3:42)
3) Blind Confusion (4:22)
4) Paralysis (3:50)
5) She Sold Her System (4:31)
6) Blister On My Soul (4:08)
7) Fame" (feat. Paul Oakenfold)(3:26)
8) Killing Me Sweetly (4:33)
9) Big Black Monster (3:23)
10) Beautiful Day (5:09)
Disc Two:
1) Crash (3:51)
2) Hyper-Fuzz-Funny-Car (3:29)
3) The Man I Didn't Know (4:33)
4) Sometimes Chicken Soup (Dig My Way To China To Find You) (3:59)
5) Somethings Must Go This Way (Palo Alto cover)(4:45)
6) Pictures And Computers (I'm Not Superman) (6:49)
7) Sentimental Halos (5:35)
8) Reel Around The Fountain (The Smiths cover) (5:25)
9) Arch Angel (4:38)
10) Be Not Afraid" (Catholic Hymn Hidden track) (6:20)
Scott Weiland

Album Name: Happy In Golashes
Website: Official Website Line-up: Scott Weiland (Vocals), Doug Grean (Guitar, Bass) Tom Dumont (Guitar) Tony Kanal (Bass) Adrian Young (Drums, Percussion)
Year: 2008 Label: Softdrive Rating: 10/10
Weiland delivers a great second solo album, Through my reading it's said its largely inspired by his soon to be ex wife. and by the death of his brother. In listening to the album you can tell that Weiland likes a diversity of sound. You can tell by listening to the album. Another noteable of this album is that The members of No Doubt minus Stefani played on this album. Weiland covers David Bowie's Fame alot of the reviewers call it "Awful" I say they dont know their head from their ass. Anyone who is a fan knows that Bowie is a big influence on Weiland you can hear it in the way he sings and the kind of music he writes. The Music media just doesn't get him. Favorites on this album include Missing Cleveland, Paralysis, You Sold Your System, Fame, Killing Me Sweetly, Big Black Monster, Beautiful Day, Crash, Hyper Fuzz Funny Car, Arch Angel, Be Not Afraid