Book Name: Not Dead & Not For Sale Author: Scott Weiland with David Ritz Related Artists/Bands: Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver, Magnificant Bastards, Camp Freddy
Release: 2011 Own: Yes Website: Official Website
Thoughts/Comments/Review: I had been waiting for this book since I first read that Weiland was thinking about following Slash's lead and write his memoirs that was a few years ago. So imagine my excitement to know when this finally came out. I read this book in a little more than a day which is a record for me. I loved reading about Weiland's childhood and early incarnations of STP. In the book he reveals that he was raped as a kid. And also reveals his decision to join Velvet Revolver was more for money than artistic satisfaction. In the Earthling Papers as he penned it. He also goes into his relationship with ex wife Mary Forsberg who was the love of his life. Alot of the songs he had written were inspired by her in one way or another. He also talks about his struggle with drug addiction and about his father and stepfather. One thing that stood out to me was the level of artistic passion he has. He writes, sketches, plays music. Its inspiring to me. In the book he shares various song lyrics and even poems he's written along with samples from his sketchbook. In the end he hints that he has future books planned and of course music. One thing I was disappointed in, was the book was not even 250 pages and it seemed very condensed. Maybe he plans to fill in some of these gaps down the road. But after reading this It makes me wonder if some of the stuff he says in the book is why the episode of behind the music on him got shelved. We may never know. But anybody who is a fan of Scott Weiland should get this book its a very good read.