Band/Artist: XL & DBD Album Name: Sodom & America
Track Listing:1) Brother To The Saboteur (3:02) 2 Sodom And America (3:12) 3) Kiss Of Chaos (3:17) 4) Death Before Dishonor (3:12) 5) Don't Fool Yourself (3:14) 6) My So Called Friend Death (2:48) 7) Die (That Settles It!) (3:35) 8) Woman (4:00) 9) Fatal Blow (3:59) 10) Sifting With The Sickle (3:01) 11) Brink Of Insanity (3:39) 12) Afrocka (3:46) Year: 1993 Label: Word Records
Line-up: NA
Rating: 9/10 Website: Official Website
I had gotten this album in the 90s, I originally owned it on cassette and eventually got the CD. Straight up in your face Christian Rap Metal Fusion. The lyrics are blunt and the guitars shred. Those who fear a Rap Metal Fusion should check this album out as it's more Metal than Rap. One of the noteables in this album is that Jimmy P Brown II from Deliverance, Fearful Symmetry, Jupiter 6 fame lends some of his shredding heavy guitar sound to this album. Specifically Afrocka. I think one other track too but I am not entirely sure and information on this album is hard to find. I love it and even today 2011 It is a good album. I gave it a 9/10